The CEO Of Google Would Rather Give His Money To Elon Musk Than To A Charity

Larry Page, cofounder and CEO of Google, said that he'd rather leave his vast fortune to inventor Elon Musk than to a charitable organization.

Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and also its founder.

Page spoke during a TED talk, the subject of which was supposed to examine Google's long-term goals.

However, the 40-year-old billionaire strayed off topic a fair amount and spoke at length about Musk's aim to send a crew of people to Mars to "back up humanity."

Someone should remind Page that humanity does not function in the same vein as iCloud. Page commented:

[Musk] wants to go to Mars. That’s a worthy goal. We have a lot of employees at Google who’ve become pretty wealthy. You’re working because you want to change the world and make it better; if the company you work for is worthy of your time, why not your money as well? We just don’t think about that. I’d like for us to help out more than we are.

Page did get the conversation back on track eventually, and spoke on the future of computing. He said:

Computing’s kind of a mess. Your computer doesn’t know where you are, what you know, what you’re doing. We’re trying to make devices work, to understand your context and what you might need. We’re just starting to work on Android Wear, for example. Having computing understand you — we haven’t done that yet. It’s still very clunky

The tangent regarding Musk's dreams about expanding to Mars might seem like an inconsequential hiccup for us Internet bloggers to focus on.

Yet when a man as powerful as Page considers such an aim "philanthropic," we can't help but wonder about the missions and goals of the most influential beings among us.

via Mashable, Top Photo Credit: Getty Images