Intern Sushi Is Helping You 'Be Picky' When It Comes To Getting A Job

If you've ever felt frustrated while struggling to fit everything about your professional self into one Microsoft Word page using varying sizes of Times New Roman and sporadic accents of bold and italics (obviously because you want to "stand out" to employers who'll use this page to decide your fate), don't worry: you're not crazy. Nor are you simply a disgruntled prospective employee who needs to just "get with it."

The fact of the matter is, it's the year 2013 and technology is on a level at which the determining factor of whether you'll have enough money to pay next month's rent shouldn't hinge on someone's interpretation of your words from a sheet of paper. Intern Sushi is fully aware of this.

"We believe that the presentation of your professional story is critical in obtaining career advancements and hiring stellar talent," their office site says. "Interns and companies alike deserve an opportunity to 'be picky,' and that opportunity starts with showcasing talent, passion and drive through an outlet that transcends the paper resume."

Intern Sushi is the site that grants both ends of the internship spectrum, the companies and the interns, the opportunity to have a deeper and more intimate (dare we say) experience with each other. The company provides this chance by ensuring both the candidate and employer know beforehand if the situation is right for them.

"The hiring process needs a reinvention," the site says. "It needs innovation. Like sushi. It needs variety and sophistication. It needs to be a little bit more raw. Also, you rarely see a messy plate of sushi, right? We believe the way an intern chronicles his or her career journey and aspirations should be no different."

Recently, Intern Sushi has made efforts to become even more efficient and provide an even better experience for companies that want to hire the right person for their work culture, as well as for the prospective intern looking to represent him or herself in a way that goes beyond the superficial résumé.

"Users have the ability to use videos or pictures to give quick introductions," Intern Sushi said in a press release. "You can now communicate right through the website with the “Contact” button located on the user’s profile. The interactive profile also allows for you to navigate through user’s story, which gets broken down into sections including overview, education, experience, skills, honors and references."

If you're interested in gaining experience and want to take a crack while giving any one of the over 7,000 prospective employers that the site features an accurate depiction of yourself, you can check out Intern Sushi here and enjoy a free 1-month premium membership.