How To Create The Ultimate Pre-Launch Buzz

by Demetri Demascus

We’ve all seen new brands prepare for launch, creating a ton of hype surrounding the event. Sometimes, a brand’s most loyal, lifetime customers jump on the bandwagon before they can even get their hands on brand products. While there is a fine line between releasing information too early on and perfectly timing your pre-launch marketing, the ability to build excitement around a brand is essential to the early stages of success f0r a startup.

One of the latest and greatest tools for entrepreneurs to take advantage of is Launchrock. Essentially, Launchrock allows web startups to develop a landing page that takes the place of a website before launch. Launchrock uses extremely clean, catchy templates that can be customized to suit any brand’s style.

The landing page works to relay the company message, allowing a company to excite potential customers about what they have to offer and providing a sneak peak of what’s in store before the product arrives. Launchrock is also essential to entrepreneurs as it has capabilities which include collecting emails and adding them to a brand’s mailing list. With the ability to stay in constant contact with consumers who have shown interest in a brand, informing that market of new products for purchase and current sales is much easier. As always, a monthly newsletter is key.

After a company feels that Launchrock has done its job creating an effective preview for its brand, it’s time to launch the website. This is one of the most important events in the early stages of a business. There’s only one launch to get it right. A poor launch can show instability in a brand. It’s important to make sure that the site is clean, simple and many eyes have proofread the copy. Once a company is confident that their site will build hype and excitement for their brand, while also educating potential consumers about its offerings, it is time to publish.

I recommend about one month before a company is completely ready to launch. This is perfect timing, giving consumers sufficient time to stumble upon the company’s Launchrock site and preview products before they are ready. Building excitement and curiosity in customers is essential to the eventual success of a company in its beginning stages.Launching earlier than a month can be catastrophic, as these same customers might think that the company ran into problems with their product line and they may become hesitant about making a purchase. Be sure to build hype and show no weakness.

As a company looks for distribution channels, it’s crucial to have a well-maintained social media presence. This is essential, especially when approaching large, big name retailers. In addition, some customers in a business-to-consumer setup refer to a company’s social media presence in order to garner a sense of safety when ordering from an e-commerce website.

It also builds the credibility of, not only the company’s online presence, but also of their products. A company builds credibility with potential consumers from the supportive reviews of other consumers. When a company has a large following on social media and an outstanding customer service review, which can be determined by interacting with potential customers through social media streams, they will build pre-launch hype and credibility, both of which are crucial for success.

One of the best ways to build initial hype behind a brand is by throwing an unforgettable launch party to generate buzz for the company at the most opportune time, which is at the time of, or prior to, the company’s opening. I am not referring to the party as unforgettable to suggest an over-the-top, crazy event, but in terms of setting the bar high for quality and excitement. A launch party allows the entrepreneur to interact with potential customers and gain a following. Increase the level of excitement for your company in order to increase the support of company and its brand image.

Show consumers that the company cares about the consumer experience and satisfaction with the brand, reflecting that customer service and high-quality offerings are the company’s key areas. Enlighten consumers on the lifestyle they are buying into by supporting the company’s products. A launch party can be achieved on any budget, and it is all about creativity. A launch party does not require the flashiest athletes and DJ’s to be successful. As a young entrepreneurial business, enlist connections for a helping hand in inviting the people in their closest professional network.

It’s two days prior to launch; you’re hosting a BBQ on a lake with music, giveaways and contests. You give a memorable speech introducing the company, its employees and supporters, and you thank everyone for coming. You provide a preview of what’s in store and the excitingly anxious feelings of putting it on the market.

During the event, you make note of areas of interest for content, including upcoming trends, and you also send a tweet thanking everyone for coming and reminding them to enjoy themselves. After the party, photos of the memories made at the event are posted to the company’s Facebook, attendees tag themselves and the company’s brand takes off on a steady, increasing path of growth.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr