Why Horrible Bosses IRL Will Make You A Better Employee And Human

Having horrible bosses is a good thing.

They're not great for an extended period time, but handling them is a valuable life experience that helps build character and resilience.

Many people you meet in the world, both professional and personal, don't know what they want. Or, they're in positions of enough power to make demands without caring whether or not they're reasonable.

Even when you have your own business, your business partners and investors might not be reasonable at all times.

It's crucial we build a muscle to understand people when they don't understand themselves and to go the extra mile to accomplish something when others don't fight for it. Bad bosses are a good example of creating this sort of muscle.

They make unreasonable demands and they don't care about your excuses or other commitments — they just want the job done.

It's also important to distinguish between demanding bosses and just plain bad bosses. Although both are useful for gaining good experience, they are, essentially, different.

While demanding bosses are fair, but just demand a lot of work from you, bad bosses treat you with disrespect or don't give you the opportunities you deserve.

Each gives you unique experiences and both are useful in their own ways.

While fair but demanding bosses give you experience in accomplishing tasks at hand, regardless of excuses or other commitments, bad bosses give you actual experience in rejection, having your plans changed at the last minute, opportunities being given to others who deserve it less and similar issues of the sort.

Going through these experiences will not only make you stronger and more resilient, but also a more satisfied and happy as a person as you evolve and become better by facing challenges as this. Learning to come out on top will give you experience.

One fact of life is unfair occurrences and high demands will always happen.

Even if you are in the best position in the world, with a caring team and an understanding boss, there will always be unfair situations or an occurrence when you need to give a lot more than you're willing to — and it's better to be prepared for that now.

You shouldn't expect horrible jobs in the future, but you should expect horrible situations in isolation. This will be the perfect type of training for that.

Sometimes, in order to enjoy what's good, we need the bad to put it in perspective.

Naturally, as with everything in life, the important aspect to consider is you learn from these experiences so in your next position, hopefully one with a fair boss, you will be able to deal with injustices or higher demands because you have built a muscle to this kind of thing.

When a specific situation comes that truly tests you in any way, you will already be prepared for it.

So, to sum up, going through the experience of having a bad boss or leader will help you with one of the most basic things in life, which is to operate when circumstances are not in your favor and people are trying to stop you from succeeding.

It's important to learn this lesson soon, and to learn it well.