Hate It Or Love It, Here Are 8 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From 50 Cent

by Anton Benbalit

There aren't too many people who get shot nine times and live to rap the tale.

Although not very many of us can relate to the circumstances and events Curtis Jackson had to live through, we can all definitely learn something from his business savvy, creativity, intellect and outlook on life.

1. Confidence

Watch the 50 Cent interview on “Chelsea Lately” from a couple years ago and you will easily be able to tell how confident he is. To be able to approach any situation like you own it and are the one in charge requires a lot of confidence.

From the way you shake someone’s hand to the conversations you offer, your exuberant confidence will open new doors. You have to believe in yourself, or no one else will; you must be confident with yourself in the real world.

2. Personality

50 Cent's personality has not only helped him to stand out from the masses, but also progressed his career.

The way that one carries him or herself has a lot to do with the opportunities before us. As cliché as it sounds, being yourself is one of the most important components to leading a successful and productive life.

3. Stability

Unbeknownst to most, 50 Cent does not drink or smoke. This shows how stable of a person he is, given that he has millions of dollars with which to spend, however he pleases. The fact that he hasn't squandered his fortune, like many of his counterparts, also goes to show that he is steady in his thoughts, decisions and actions.

Being able to take a step back, assess the situation and assert the next step gives you one-up on the competition.

4. Productivity

Although he could just kick back and chill somewhere, Curtis keeps producing. Whether it’s in music, electronics, beverages or clothing, he’s always working on something.

So many people spend time sitting around, expecting something to just happen, but life is constant and since it doesn’t stop for you, don't ever stop for it. If you keep working hard at it, the progress will show.

5. Discipline

Creating music, writing something new, keeping your body in shape, learning how to act and starting your own company all require an immense amount of discipline.

50 Cent thrives at all of these, which is why he has had such an abundance of success. Learn how to keep your mind in check and do what you say you will; the outcomes may surprise you. It takes a lot of strength to be disciplined, but like JFK said, “Do not pray for easy lives; pray to be stronger men.”

6. Organization

Running multiple businesses requires organization, but running them efficiently is a whole different story. From SMS Audio to SK Energy to Vitaminwater, everything in which 50 Cent has his hands does well.

When your thoughts and ideas are organized, they are much more effective and come across more clearly. In the long run, this creates more outlets and revenue streams into which to jump.

7. Professionalism

If you watch certain interviews with Mr. Jackson, you'll notice that he is a completely different than how he comes across in his music. He is extremely well spoken, exuberant and passionate about whatever product he’s selling.

8. Independence

After 50 Cent was shot, no record company would work with him. But, instead of giving up, he flooded the streets with demos and made a name for himself from hustling on his own. In return, this garnered Eminem and Dr. Dre’s attention and eventually landed a record deal.

In recent years, since his record company refused to promote and distribute his work appropriately, he once again went independent and released music videos all by himself. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Photo via G-Unit