There's No Formula For Success: How To Get Wealthy And Be Happy On Your Own Terms

“Your network is your net worth” is a bullsh*t motto.

Be positive, form lasting relationships, don’t focus so much on yourself and money – this is the new age mumbo jumbo that attempts to make the average person feel better about him or herself and encourages him or her to reach out to others to better their lives.

If you don’t have money and skills that make you wealthy and confident, you should get mad and lonely -- and that anger and loneliness will propel you to become self-sufficient and never need business referrals or help from anyone ever again.

When you learn to be self-sufficient, you’ll have enough confidence, and money, to never be lonely or sad for very long because you can do literally anything you want in this great big world. You don’t need others as much as you’ve been told.

What’s the definition of net worth?

According to Investopedia, it’s “the amount by which assets exceed liabilities.”

Experience teaches me that my assets are my intelligence, skills and ambition that made me a millionaire by age 22 and keeps me earning millions of dollars every year while allowing me to travel all over the world and enjoy my freedom.

My liabilities include my inability to make small talk, network and play well with others who could’ve helped me further my career.

My assets, not just my monetary wealth, greatly exceed my liabilities because those liabilities, contrary to the way BS-networking-minded people think, don’t matter in life, as I am the happiest I’ve ever been thanks to my dreams coming true due to my own hard work.

Sure, sure, I have employees and partners, but ever since I made my first million entirely on my own, my mindset has been to go solo and I’ve been rewarded over time.

The times I’ve reached out to others in my network, I’ve been disappointed time and again as the old adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” has consistently proven true.

So my network is weak and despite my going against my dual-industries of stuck-up finance types and positive social media networkers, I’ve become a confident multi-millionaire with a booming business. That very business has me earning more money weekly than most doctors and lawyers make yearly; it's awarded me more friends, students and fans than I have time for, as well as a loving family, self-satisfaction of a life well lived, a loving girlfriend and even a cute little puppy.

How is it possible that my net worth is so high when my network is so low?

You are not worth what connections you have or who owes you favors – those are the tools of people who are not self-sufficient and are forced to rely on others.

The world would be a better place if more of us focused on ourselves and on refining our skill sets, first, rather than our business relationships, in the style of Ayn Rand and "The Virtue of Selfishness."

For example, I posted this photo of Tim Grittani, who has turned $1,500 of his own money into $1.64 million in three years since becoming my student, after he made $113,500 in one day last week trading stocks from his local Starbucks.


He doesn’t have a company, or an office; he doesn’t even own a suit, and yet, he is an incredibly happy and fulfilled 25-year-old self-made millionaire with a loving girlfriend, with whom he just bought his first house.

You won’t see him looking to network with others, as his life consists of spending time with his loved ones while refining his craft to increase his earnings all on his own -- very similar to my life.

But how has he achieved such success at such a young age without any network behind him?

The same way I did all on my own a decade ago when I turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in four years from the computer lab in my high school and from my dorm room in college: using his intelligence, will to succeed and the Internet to grow his wealth and self-worth.

Given his financial situation and outlook on life, he’ll never need a regular job or to ask favors of anyone else. He is the living embodiment of a self-sufficient millionaire whose net worth is growing faster than anyone thought possible.

He worked his butt off day and night for several months, tinkering with the strategy I taught him and testing it until he refined it for himself and used it to grow his wealth all within three years without any network of any kind.

Do not give in to the temptation to rely on others to help you succeed; you have it in yourself.

It is important to have great relationships, but by focusing on yourself and honing your talents above all else, you’ll grow your net worth and, more importantly, your self-worth, faster.

Top Photo Credit: WENN