Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Shares His 10 Simple Rules Of Life

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed the secret to his success in the form of 10 simple rules to live by that have, in his experience only made his life more fulfilling and profitable.

It's pretty hard not to take this advice, considering Twitter has reached over 500 million users in just six years.

Here are ten suggestions that Dorsey believes will help you stay on track on the tumultuous journey to a prosperous future. If anything, the last one truly has the most validity no matter what field you want to venture into.

- Don’t be a jerk

-Don’t take anyone for granted

-Enjoy the moment

-Be honest, always

-Be humble

-Be kind

-Respect people’s wishes

-Allow endings

-Fail openly

-Have an amazing haircut

Sean Levinson | Elite.