The 50 Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

by Paul Hudson

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people. We're the borderline sociopaths that have hearts and want to make a difference in the world. A true entrepreneur is not your run-of-the-mill businessman. Entrepreneurs have a much deeper connection with their business and, more importantly, the greater vision they are attempting to bring into reality. We are artists of sorts: creators.

We find beauty in the organism that is a company -- the way every individual, working piece is both a life in itself and a part of something much bigger. We believe an entrepreneur that builds an incredibly successful business is about as close to becoming a god as any person.

Entrepreneurs are some of, if not the most, powerful people on the planet. They have the ability to do wonderful things and change the lives of countless people all over the world for the better.

An entrepreneur's life is not an easy one. It requires dedication and focus, balancing on the brink of obsession. The only way to stay sane is to control as much as you can and let all else roll off your back.

Here are 50 rules that all entrepreneurs ought to live by:

1. There's always an innovation to be innovated.

2. The customer isn't always right, but you have to give the customer what he or she wants if you want to make money.

3. Although we wish it were otherwise, a single business does have a cap on how much money it can ethically make.

4. There is always growth to be had or markets to conquer.

5. The vision of the company is what's most important.

6. You never know what exactly a customer wants until you try to sell it to him or her.

7. Giving back to the world and to its inhabitants is your responsibility.

8. There are always improvements to be made.

9. There is always a way to be more efficient.

10. Innovation is at the heart of every industry and is the only means of building a successful, sustainable business.

11. A sharp, lucid mind is a better mind.

12. Without great physical health, you can't have great mental health.

13. Sleep is not recommended; it's required.

14. Forgetting to eat is not okay; set alarms.

15. If you're going to eat something, make it something your body and mind will benefit from.

16. Maybe you can go without sex for a while… but you will be more productive if you get laid somewhat regularly.

17. Relationships can actually benefit you and help you achieve your goals.

18. When a relationship goes sour and costs you more than it benefits you, it's time to cut it loose.

19. If your friends don't support your dreams, they aren't the kinds of friends you need.

20. Laziness is not an option.

21. Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

22. Fear is just another thing to conquer.

23. Success is inevitable for the smart and patient.

24. If you don't know where you're going, then you're not going to get to where you want to go.

25. You can't succeed unless you make mistakes.

26. If you can't accept the mistakes you've made, then you can't learn from them.

27. If you figure out all the wrong ways to do something, then all you'll be left with is the right way to do it.

28. Logic and reason rise above all else.

29. If you're going to enter a business, you must familiarize yourself with every scar and freckle.

30. Vitamin supplements are your best friend.

31. Always keep one foot in reality.

32. Distortion fields are incredibly powerful tools when used properly.

33. If you can't trust them, you can't work with them.

34. If it's not on paper, it's worthless.

35. Only do business on your terms; never allow yourself to be pushed, rushed or bullied.

36. If you don't take calculated risks, you can't succeed.

37. Leaps of faith have to be made, but make them too regularly, and you're more likely to fail.

38. Fear not the pivot. If it's time, then embrace it.

39. Resist the urge to do everything yourself.

40. Building the right team is the only way to succeed.

41. Brainstorming sessions don't work.

42. Avoid meetings unless completely necessary. If you can't avoid them, keep them on agenda and under half an hour.

43. A-players only want to play with other A-players.

44. Always rationalize and think before you act.

45. Waiting too long to act will close the window of opportunity.

46. Be polite and respectful, but aggressive and brutal when necessary.

47. If you don't love it, don't do it. You have to love your business.

48. Lead by example.

49. Business plans are a waste of time and energy.

50. Every little piece of your business can be tested and improved over time through iteration. If you pay close enough attention to your customers, you literally can't fail.

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