The 10 Ways You Can Be An Entrepreneur While In College

by Eddie Cuffin

College has to be some of the poorest years you'll ever experience in your lifetime. This is a time in which many of us are trying to figure out our lives and choose the path we want to go down later. College is a great experience, but it isn't necessary for success.

Throughout your tenure at school, you'll come into contact with all kinds of people from very different backgrounds. But there is one thing we all have in common in college: we're broke. Although some people have mommy and daddy's money to fall back on, the rest of us are pretty much on our own.

It is important that we take this time to realize that there are ways to make money while in school. You have to force yourself to think outside of the box and recognize that there are simple ways we can make some extra cash. Here are 10 ways you can be an entrepreneur while in school:

Essays have deadlines -- and the faster these deadlines approach, the more people you will have willing to outsource their work.

If you are one of those kids who enjoys writing and is good at it, then there are plenty of opportunities for you to make some money. If you're good at something, don't do it for free, you will have a lot of chances to make money, charging people to do their essays for them. There is nothing wrong with making a couple hundred dollars for spending a few hours writing a paper for a buddy.

If you have the connect, why not use it?

People in college love to experiment with different things. There will always be a demand for stimulants and if you can find a trustworthy connect, then you are in the green, literally. People are always looking for drugs to take their minds off the stress they go through on a daily basis at school. If you're reliable and can get a steady flow of goods, then you have an opportunity to make some cash.

People love house parties -- and if you throw one, the masses will come.

Being that many people do not reach the legal drinking age until late junior year/early senior year, there have to be outlets for them to drink. Many people choose to go to house parties because their fake IDs aren't good enough to get into bars that are already overcrowded. House parties are a good way for you to make some money. Charging thirsty college kids to have a drink from your keg that you split amongst your roommates can prove to be quite profitable.

Students and boosters love athletes and many of them will pay anything to get autographed memorabilia.

As a student athlete, you get many perks that others don't. Although schools don't like to admit it, many of their athletes get preferential treatment. As an athlete, everyone wants a piece of memorabilia, although the NCAA is very keen on making sure athletes don't sell any of their memorabilia, there are ways around this. Do what you have to do to survive and if that means signing some gear for cash, then do so -- just know the consequences.

Don't throw away your notes, they will come in handy for the kids after you.


Your notes and handouts from class can be some of the best things you have to offer as a student. There are always kids that are looking to get the upper hand on their studies and many of them will do what it takes to make their work easier. The best way to help these ambitious students is with your notes after you completed the course. People will pay money just to get their hands on your notes and make that class a breeze.

It's the internet age, create an app.

Although, this may sound easier than it actually is, you must be cognizant of the world around you. See if there are any necessities on campus that could be fulfilled with an app. Even if it is just an app that is targeted towards your school, there is plenty of market share there for you to make an impact. Get your name out there and keep developing things. People love simplicity, and if your app can make their lives easier in any way, people will be willing to support you.

Everyone understands things differently, so use your knowledge to help kids who are struggling in class.

There are just some things that your professors have trouble explaining because they don't know to relate to their students. Well this is where you come in, some students will be completely lost and need help keeping up with class. Your ability to relate to students and get the point across in a way that is easy for them to understand is a great asset and could make you some money.

There will always be kids who need extra help in classes and they are willing to pay a tutor to help them. Making money for tutoring kids can be a quite lucrative if you know what you're doing.

Become a promoter, there are always local bars and clubs that could use more customers.

In college, you have access to a wide range of people because everyone is immersed in the scene and usually you see the same people over and over. With your access to all these kids, you can really make some cash promoting. No college bar or local club is going to turn away business. Make a deal with the establishments and figure out a way to make some cash by bringing them more customers.

Help people keep off the freshman 15, become a personal trainer.

There are two guarantees in college: people will drink a lot of sh*tty beer and eat a lot of unhealthy food. If kids don't stay physically active then they will just pour on the pounds and get fat. People always talk about the 'freshman 15,' which is something you can use to your advantage. If you are someone who knows how to get in shape, why not charge people to train them? No one wants to be fat and if you find a good base of students who are willing to work out, you can make money being a personal trainer.

Use your great test taking abilities to good use.

Some students straight up fall and crack under pressure when it comes to their tests. This doesn't mean they aren't smart, just not good at taking tests. So this is where you use your great test taking skills to your advantage. In large lecture-like classes, you can make a a lot of money taking tests for students. Because you are well versed in the subject anyway, the test is going to be easy for you, now it's just up to you to find the students willing to pay you to take their tests.