The Most Powerful Person In Your Life Is You

by Angelo Gage

There's a secret that you  may be unaware of, one that many religious texts, governments, and even your parents haven't told you about. A secret that is so obvious yet so hidden because of our ignorance as human beings.

With our endless search for external forces to protect us, trying to find salvation in some force other than ourselves, allowing ourselves only to be at peace when things go our way, is why most of us have no clue about this secret.

But a few people in this world know the secret.  Only five out of 100 people actually manifest their dreams and live the life they've always wanted; the rest of us conform to what everyone else does, and unfortunately end up assisting the creation of someone else's dreams rather than our own.

Unless you wanted to sit in a cubicle for 30 years, working for a corporation where the CEO makes 10x your salary, and are living pay check to pay check, then I can say you are living your dreams; but I doubt that was the life you dreamed of when you were a small boy or girl.

If your current job is only a stepping in achieving your dreams, then great, but some people's dreams were killed, crushed, and lost, when they decided to give their personal power away for the exchange of comfort and security. These people have given up and chosen a life where it would be impossible to achieve their dreams and are more than happy to give you tons of excuses as to why.

The truth is, they for some reason, have chosen to believe that they cannot achieve them. I have asked many of my clients, "who is stopping you from achieving your dreams?" The answer varies from person to person, each giving me an excuse how it's not their fault or it's just not possible, but one thing is for sure, after I use my NLP techniques to break through their various excuses, what finally emerges as the answer is "me."

Indeed, the answer is "me" and that applies to ALL of us walking on this earth. The reason the answer is "me" is because you are the only person who can possibly stop you from achieving your goals. You see, the secret that has been under your nose all along is this -  the most powerful person in your life is YOU!

Not the president, not your parents, not your boss, not your friends, not the billionaire on TV, not the secret evil shadow government that controls the planet, not the scientists who can modify the weather, not the bankers,  not some inter-dimensional mind controlling aliens, not the devil, and not even God!...Yes I said it.

Although I am a spiritual person and no longer follow a specific religion, I used to be Catholic so I can address this topic from religious viewpoint. For those of you who are religious, you know God created man equally and in his image, so even if such a being exists, it has been said that he gave you FREE WILL.

With that free will, you can do whatever you wish; meaning this being will not interfere with your dreams or destiny, thus having NO influence over you and giving you the power to do what want. The definition of power is having the influence over something, therefore, If god gave you free will, he has relinquished his power over you.  End of story.

Believing that God has a plan for you and everyone in your life is the biggest slap in the face to this all loving being.  He gave you his infinite power of creation, and you have the power to create or destroy your life. The concept of free will is impossible if God has a plan, so for those who think one day God will just give you the life you wanted, it will not happen. He gave that power to you so YOU can make it happen.

Stop using the God excuse and start doing something. Your life on earth is in YOUR hands, not God's and if you don't fulfill your dreams and living to your full potential, aren't you saying " No thanks, I don't want the ability to create a wonderful life"? I suggest you realize that the power lies within you, at least in this life. Should the afterlife exist, let God take care of you there, but for now you have your dreams to attend to.

I had to address the God excuse because many people believe that their God is the most powerful being in their lives; granted he may be the creator of all things, but a simple look around the world will show you that he isn't running this place.

He clearly gave us free will and most people choose to fail because they are forgetting that we are responsible, that we are the most powerful beings on this planet, and each and every one of us has the same potential energy as the other. So yes, it is true, YOU are the most powerful person in your life. The question is, why aren't you living the exact life you want?

Regardless of your excuses, you will come to the conclusion, like everyone else does, that at some level, you are sabotaging yourself with limited beliefs. No matter what obstacle or challenge that is stopping you from living your dreams, you are the biggest roadblock to yourself. If you don't have enough money, you can always go make more.

If you don't like your job, you can always quit and find another one. If you don't like how you look, you can do something to change that. Once you find out that you are your own worst enemy, you can stop fighting yourself. You can unleash all the potential personal power you have been denying yourself and  the world can be your playground.

But it can't happen unless you accept your personal power, because if you don't, you are giving it away to something else. By  giving your power away, you take all responsibility off yourself and become a victim to circumstance. You can't change anything unless you have the power to, so what good is it giving your power away and expect things to change in your favor? They won't. All this will lead to your inevitable suffering and self-loathing when you accomplish nothing.

Human beings also are continuously changing; even our goals and dreams may change. Let's say you wanted to make one million dollars. Even after you attain this money, would you be happy? I would assume so, but then what? Why not go for two, three, even four million? And once you reach those goals, why not keep going? You see, it is in our nature to get bored with what we have and continue to want more - it's what pushes us to grow. If this wasn't the case for ALL life in the universe, then NOTHING would evolve or grow.

However, true growth is not accomplished from material gain, because things like money cannot buy you happiness in the long run; it can only give you a quick fix until you look for the next high. Money can satisfy different values such as freedom, security, and comfort, but these are concepts that you already have right now; just not at the level you may want them.

As you are reading this, you already have a roof over your head, you have some sort of income, and you are not in a warzone, but you see, it's just that you want MORE of what you already have, and that desire for more causes you to be unhappy. This unhappiness causes you to want to take action and bring more growth into your life, but material growth is an endless cycle of ups and downs. The only way to be truly happy is to grow spiritually.

The human spirit has infinite potential energy, but if you give your power away to something else, then you lose your energy. If you just wish and wish all day for things to happen, you will surely be disappointed. If you pray and pray all day, your prayers will go unanswered. If you wait and wait all day, then you will just keep waiting. In order to grow spiritually, must put aside your self-destructive beliefs, take responsibility for your life, and start creating the life you truly wanted.

The life you truly want is your destiny; it is your way to give back to humanity, no matter what it may be. When you do something you love to do, it's not even work. It is then when you are serving your purpose; giving without the need to receive in return, just like I am writing this article for you to learn the knowledge to becoming a better person.

I love doing this and I love seeing people change, no amount of money compares to watching someone change their life, and that is true nature of the spiritual growth; living the life of giving to others the thing(s) that you love most. And if everyone did the same, the world would be a different place.  This path may not be easy, and it may take some time, but in the end, you will be living YOUR dreams instead of someone else's.

Angelo John Gage | Elite.

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