Meet Tomer Kagan, The Man Behind The App For Apps

Traveling hospitals, mobile restaurants, machine-prepared food -- you may think these ideas sound ridiculous, but they are the exact type that have made 29-year-old Tomer Kagan a success.

As a "futurist," Kagan has served as a board member of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which aims to develop safe artificial intelligence software and works with the National Science Foundation.

What has been his greatest accomplishment by far, however, is being CEO of 4-year-old tech startup Quixey, a tool that is described as the "search engine for apps."

Quixey is based on a mechanism called "functional search," which the company spent over a year developing before releasing the beta version of its app, according to writer Jennifer Van Grove.

Functional research means that Quixey can take "any request and find you the best app for that request," Kagan told Business Insider.

Quixey has formed partnerships with Microsoft, Android and while, according to Business Insider, the app has drawn in $24 million of investor funding up to date.

This app uses data collected from a wide range of sources, such as social media and tech sites, in order to give users the best results for their searches.

Via Forbes, Business Insider/ Photo via Youtube