Meet The Man Who Makes A Living Simply By Showering Hot Girls In Champagne


"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." It's safe to say that Kirill Bichutsky is living this philosophy to the fullest with his NSFW website.

Bichutsky has a man's dream job. Traveling to nightclubs around the world, Kirill is a nightlife photographer who understands exactly how to get a party started. His life is comprised of events about which most of us can only dream; attending lavish parties, mingling with celebrities and dousing beautiful women with champagne.

Yes. You read that correctly. He douses beautiful women with champagne.

He's toured with some of the biggest names and shut down some of the best clubs. Kirill boasts a Twitter following that includes some of the biggest names in entertainment: Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Krewella and A-Trak. His social media persona is blunt, over the top and in your face. He also has two Instagram accounts: ChampagneFacials and ILoveKirill.

What sets Kirill apart from other nightlife photographers (beyond his camera crews that flood bars and clubs) is that his personal brand is unrivaled by any other photographer. Females beg to get in front of his camera and get doused in champagne. His brand represents the dark side of every man's fantasy.

He sought to be more than just another person at the party and decided to find a niche within the NYC nightlife scene. What started as a hobby quickly morphed him into one of the most popular names in nightlife photography. His "Kirill Was Here" watermark on the bottom right of his photos has become a badge of honor.

But how did a 20-something Russian photographer build one of the most notorious brands and claim the best job available? Check out what he has to say:

In The Beginning

An entrepreneur often starts as a product of his or her environment. Kirill is no different. Initially, he was just another NYC socialite guzzling cold beers and hanging with DJs at the Big Apple's best nightlife spots. Having the desire to do much more, Kirill made the transition from partygoer to party starter.

Before picking up a camera, he worked in graphic design. The lens quickly became his favored medium for sharing the madness of Manhattan club life.

“NYC has a lot of clubs and bars in relatively small vicinity,” Kirill said. “It's not uncommon for me to able to hop from party to party and hit 10 or more places in one night. There's so much going on and there's always something to do.”

But NYC was just the beginning. He's been able to travel globally, photographing party shenanigans around the world.

“When I'm traveling the world shooting parties, it always feels fresh and new,” Kirill said. “I'm exploring a new city while meeting new people, basically seeing how much fun I can have and how weird we can get together.”

Anytime he gets to take his talents to South Beach, it's bound to be a good time. He lists Miami as one of his favorite destinations in which to work and play.

“NYC has a ton of clubs, but most aren't too big,” Kirill said. “The clubs in Miami are huge. The sheer size of them and amount of people that come through the doors throughout the night is insane.”

Women Love Him

It's no secret that plenty of women go for the bad guys. Kirill offers unlimited club access with a camera strapped around his neck. He has a massive nightlife following and runs a company that prides itself on giving fame to pretty women.

“From my tweets to my photos, I'm an outlet for people who think like me and/or want to think and act like me,” Kirill said.

Guys want to be friends with him and women will go pretty far to get a “KIRILL WAS HERE” photo fame.

“There's a dancer down in Miami who has my logo tattooed on her,” Kirill said. “I've had friends call me up from the nightclub and tell me they've seen this girl with my name tatted on her. It's pretty crazy.”


Sure, Kirill has the opportunity to become friends with musicians, actors, models, nightlife icons and even well known adult film stars. However, he gained access to celebrity soirees by establishing his value. Kirill's value isn't measured through a salary, but through the popularity, visibility and virality of his photos.

He's a humble guy who isn't afraid to acknowledge the ups and downs that have come with his career, claiming that the best part is the traveling and women and the worst part is the hangovers.

No matter what he plans to pursue in the future, it'll absolutely be provocative and get people going.

The Power of Free

Kirill knows that brand identity and free content are extremely important. He posts photos for free and encourages people to share them through on social media. And they do.

The brand gains popularity as each photo, etched with the KIRILL WAS HERE namespreads like wildfire through social media. In the digital age, social media and content marketing are measured by impressions, engagement and virality. Any entity with these traits will build a following, establish credibility and keep people coming back for more.

Follow This Guy

The best part about Kirill is that he speaks his mind, has fun and doesn't really care what you think. It's a persona we all would like to embody as confidently as he does, armed with a camera, champagne and disregard for conformity and political correctness.

Follow Kirill on Twitter: @KirillWasHere and Instagram: @ChampagneFacials and @ILoveKirill

This article originally appeared on RECESS, Photos via Kirill Was Here