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Peter Thiel is the epitome of the term "Elite Entrepreneur". He is the most feared Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley and the most feared voice among college classrooms everywhere. For those of you that don’t know, Peter Thiel lives a life that most of us aspire to have.

He is an incredibly successful entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist that has been involved with everything from PayPal to Facebook. And by involved, I mean a founder or critical backer. Other than his entrepreneurial pursuits, Thiel is a visionary.

He looks to the future, imagines an ideal society, and then tries to enact what he sees on Earth now. Some of his ideas, like the ocean colonies he has invested in are a little far fetched. But - if you haven't leaned already – its usually those with the seemingly-insane ideas that are the most brilliant and successful.

And that is why the world is paying Thiel’s claim - that college is a waste of time and money – much focus. For centuries, people have made this claim, but only now – when coming from the mouth of Peter Thiel – do people think that maybe this thought holds its weight.

And, he has backed his words up with action. Thiel is offering an alternative to college for only the most elite young entrepreneurs. It is called the Thiel Fellowship, to which only a dozen are accepted out of the thousands that apply. This program actually trains, educates, and qualifies entrepreneurs in ways that are relevant to their aspirations, and even gives them the seed cash to fund the applicants’ ventures.

Without further adieu, here are Peter Thiel’s statements on anything and everything college:

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