Human Robots Are Closer To Reality Than You Think


Innovative and far-seeing startup Grishin Robotics – and its founder Dmitry Grishin – believes that robots – personal & conscious robots, not boring ones like the one that automatically cleans your pool or vacuums your room– are the future.

In fact, Russian serial entrepreneur Dmitry Grishin is so confident in the robot-filled future that he has pushed aside all other entrepreneurial commitments to exclusively dedicate himself to changing the world we live in with this extraordinary company.

According to TechCrunch, the company, Grishin Robotics, will be headquartered in New York because Dmitry is excited about the central location and international community. The level of investment in this sort of venture is low, a fact that Grishin chalks up to VC nervousness.

And understandably so, considering what Grishin Robotics says they can create. “Someone needs to take the risk. Without money there are no companies, but without companies there is no money. The technology is there, we just need to figure out how we can use it, put it all together,” he said.

What is surprising, however, is that the robotics industry is already way too saturated, which is a shocker too most Americans. The robotics sector is divided into two subgroups: Industrial and Personal. Industrial robotics are the boring type that are technically considered “robots” when really it’s just a remote control machine (sometimes without the remote, though).

These industrial robots can be found on conveyer belts in manufacturing plants and factories. This type of robotics is nothing impressive, and these products look like common machines.

But that is all about to change…

Where Grishin Robotics focuses is the personal subgroup of the Robotics Industry, which is completely hypothetical as of now. No company has yet to put forth a tangible, commercially-ready robot with the “conscious” or “A.I.” element seen in movies like Will Smith’s iRobot.

These humanoid machines are expected to be commercially sold and marketed as servants. The robots could replace the role of a housekeeper or nanny in households around the country, or perhaps even be placed in the manual labor industry, like construction.

How these robots will make decisions, if they will think, or just take orders is unclear as of now. But it is certain that they will appear to be metal-like humans – with faces and all – with the physical ability of the average man.

The Research & Development of these robots is being examined by a handful of companies similar to Grishin Robotics. All of these competitors see to have the same consensus on how realistic this concept is.

“We can advance robots quickly and in a big way. The goal is to increase awareness of robotics industry, build robots cheaper and easier than before, and to make robotics more affordable for the mass consumer market.”

Grishin Robotics has garnered the most buzz and acclaim within the tech community, as they are the company expected to push the envelope and be first to market with such a nearly unimaginable product.

Experts claim that over the next 10-20 years, robotics will become an integral part of everyday life for millions of people.

The rapid cultural, societal and economic shifts of last few years are dramatically changing life as we know it. Robotics has a big role to play in responding to those changes and positively influencing the lives of everyday people all around the globe.

Everyone from aging population who need service and assistance to young people who crave unique and more accessible leisure activities will benefit from innovation in the robotics field (according to Grishin Robotics website).

Even though this seems so impossible, it seems that this decade will go down in history as another era in which the world undergoes dramatic change, altering the existence of mankind for time to come.

Now, the question is not “if”, but “when” can we expect Grishin and other Robotics companies to achieve success in all facets of the experimentation and production.

You can apply at the Grishin Robotics website and the company is currently taking funding applications for the next Terminator