Why Haters Are Some Of The Most Important Voices In Your Career

It ain't easy being one of those “creative types.” Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician or whatever you may be, you can attest to this. No matter how popular or successful you become as a result of these artistic passions, you will always endure haters.

In my opinion, haters come in a variety of different forms. They can be the teacher that tells you to stick to math, the parent who enrolls you into a program you care nothing for or the online troll that leaves you negative comments.

All of them seek to destroy your passion. They are forever looming in the background or hiding in the shadows as they try to discredit or insult your craft.

For many people, these haters build a crippling fear of failure and humiliation that almost becomes insurmountable. As such, every time you put your heart and soul into something, you're excited yet terrified to share it with the world.

Yet, out of your brave and maybe foolish optimism, part of you believes what you have created is something that could change things in a positive way -- even just for a few people.

But, the haters have made you anxious that what you pieced together will uncover you as the amateur you are, as if your previous portfolio of work (if any) was a total fluke.

So, the haters force you to set your latest project aside and start something new. They've seeped into your head with their pervasive comments. Maybe you'll come back to your previous work another day.

Sometimes, you convince yourself to completely forget that one forever. Sometimes, you even just up and quit your passion altogether because the haters have convinced you you aren’t good enough.

If you've finally put together something you're happy with, you're still unsure. You revise it furiously and continue to add and take away until you don’t even recognize it anymore.

So, you close your eyes, and with trembling fingers you hit send to your editor, hit play for your record label or hit connect for your agent. At this point, you don't even know if it will be approved, let alone face the harsh and scrutinizing senses of the public.

Then, you get that email that says "well done," or the go-ahead phone call telling you “great job.” But, it's somehow not satisfying enough. You should be celebrating, but your heart races as you anticipate the imminent backlash that is about to erupt.

You're crippled with insecurities, so you reread your work, replay your song or inspect your piece of art to assure yourself it’s okay. 'What was I thinking?' you say to yourself with doubt in your heart.

But, now, it's too late. Your baby that's been crafted out of your deepest thoughts and feelings, along with your talent and hard work, is about to be eviscerated by the viscous masses. At this point, all you can do is helplessly watch as a vulnerable piece of you is judged.

Well, I just want all the haters out there to know you will never have that effect on me again. You will never have me question my passions, or make me feel like I'm unworthy of contributing to a particular artistic pursuit. None of what you have to say will stop me from doing what I love.

When I was growing up as a writer, I was easier to manipulate and intimidate, but even then, I refused to give up.

Today, I'm stronger; I know the weaknesses I possess. I know I can't please everyone and some of you think I'm a "sh*t writer" or a "useless twat."

But, guess what? I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for me and the people to whom it speaks.

If you’re a creator, you should never let the negative voices of others stop or alter what you create. Do what you love, what you’re passionate about and never worry about what others have to say.

Even if you are a hater of your own work, if you love what you do, just keep doing it; the pure enjoyment of the process alone is reason enough to put your time into it.

Why are haters one of the most important voices in your career? They are the fuel which makes you work harder to prove all of them wrong by defying their wishes.

Every time I felt like quitting, I said to myself, "My haters would enjoy it too much if I did; I won't give them that."

They can also make you and your work more popular. Publicity, good or bad, is good. So, if you're one of my haters, keep posting your negative and distasteful comments. I can laugh at them while I watch my articles go viral.

If you are lucky enough to have haters in your life, just take it as a compliment. It just reveals that you are worth their time and effort to grow hate and then, go through the process of telling you about it as if you actually care.