Entrepreneur Profile: Scott Allison Founder Of Teamly


Scott is an experienced businessman, having been a former co-founder and CEO of award-winning B2B telecoms virtual network operator, Abica. During his time at the head of Abica, Scott began experimenting with different methods to manage people. Scott is also a founder member of TechHub in London, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a contributor at Forbes.com.

Teamly is a software-as-a-service web application that helps individuals in companies become more focused and productive, and provides managers with a quick and easy way to see what their team considers their top priorities. In other words, Teamly improves productivity and communication in business by helping people focus on what is really important.

The problem Teamly solves is to discover, as an employee, how you stay focused and effective. Subsequently for managers, Teamly helps them discover how to ensure that their team is focused on what truly matters, without having to micro-manage them or rely on bureaucratic HR processes.

This useful tool takes out the hassle of management by providing a company wide platform that allows the company to effectively manage itself. With the burden of streamlining a company's efficiency lifted, each person can focus on accomplishing their tasks. Imagine you were an employee, and you wanted to work with another employee on a team. With Teamly, you would all know how best to accomplish your team's goal.

Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with Scott Allison and ask him about his personal experiences, entrepreneurism and his thoughts on the future.

What were you like in college? Were you as hungry then as you are now, hustling away and engaged in business endeavors, or were your collegiate years more of the typical experience that the Average Joe has?

What is your take on college in 2012? Many successful entrepreneurs are skeptical of how much college actually prepares students for the real world. Would you advise an entrepreneurial-minded youth to go to college today?

Was their a turning point in your life, a specific event that led to your current career?

After all of your achievements, success and, as a result, financial comfort, what motivates you to wake up in the morning and work harder than everybody else?

What are the hottest market, tech or social trends that you think have the best potential for an entrepreneur to capitalize on?

Have you had any setbacks that almost discouraged you from the risk-filled world of entrepreneurship?

What advice can you give a young entrepreneur who is in the midst of turning a concept into a business? What are those first critical steps that need to be taken?