The Difference Between Lions And Lambs, The 1% And The 99%

by Ryan Babikian

There has never been such a strong divide between the economic classes within America than now. And no, this is not going to be another article with statistics and charts on how the income distribution in our country is uneven and how the rich 1 % control the wealth and power.

Instead, let's talk about what it is actually showing us. There have always been lions and lambs in society, now it is just more distinguishable as to who’s who. Throughout history, people strived to be the predator and not prey. Yet, in 2012, much of the misguided - like Hipsters or the Occupy Wall Streeters - feel the "Alpha" persona is an illegitimate status.

You can't learn of the distinguishing factors of the established in school. But, it has never been more important to understand. There’s really no more middle ground... there's the elite and non-elite and it's that simple. What are the seven differences between the 99% and the 1%, between lions and lambs, winners and losers?


Winners have the desire for personal achievement. But it takes more then just desire to achieve great status and wealth, it takes the willingness to strive for its attainment at any cost. You only eat what you kill. This type of mindset and lifestyle is not for everyone. That is why it is so important to the composition of the Alpha persona.


This is one of the most common qualities that defines a man's success. A competitive drive - the will to be the best at what you do, far above everyone else - is something your born with and cannot force. From Rockefeller to Cuban, competitiveness is at the core of their accomplishments.


An overused word usually attached with ambition? Yes, but only because of how crucial persistence is to being successful. Most of the world’s most successful people have failed over and over again only to eventually find success. Edison's unwavering persistence is a perfect example.

Every time Edison failed at constructing a functional light bulb, he looked at the failure as a discovery. It was just one more way that the light bulb couldn’t be made. Optimism is crucial in sink or swim situations.

Ability To Take Risk

There are plenty of incredibly smart and able people out there that simply never get anywhere past some mediocre career results. Why? This is usually because most people are too risk averse to ever achieve greatness. We’ve heard it a million times before, but the greatest risk in life is to not take any.


Our society is changing faster then ever before due to new innovations in technology, and a new mindset following a great recession. It is those who can adapt and change with the times that will constantly find success. Being the first out the door is the most proven way to attain success and you can only finish first if you shift quicker than those around you.

Knowing What Bridges To Burn

Always keep contacts that you make, regardless of whether it is clear or not that they can help you in the near future. An old friend of Ford’s unexpectedly provided the seed investment needed for Ford’s first venture. If Ford had not kept a good relationship with him, who knows where the automobile industry would be today. So, never burn bridges… even when you are at the top.


While Edison worked the night shift at Western Union, there was little work to be done. Instead of wasting his time there, he decided to teach himself different types of science, which would later serve him well. Whatever your passion is, make sure you always work towards your goals regardless of your current occupation.


Balancing passion and aptitude is a difficult challenge, yet all successful people do it. The only way to give 110% is you are playing to you're greatest strengths and you love what you do. It is impossible to stay dedicated 24/7 without being satisfied with what you do.


The elite are all doers... men of action. They don't talk about doing something, they just do it. They understand results are all that matter and anything less is insignificant. Don't bullshit yourself about how bad you want something. If you truly want it, reach out and grab it.