Bounce Back From Failure Like A Champion

by Ryan Babikian

At some point, everybody is knocked down flat on their ass, as life's plan seemingly goes down the gutter. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, this will happen to you ten - no, one hundred times - far more than others. In fact, if you have not yet experienced such a painstaking failure, you are probably not trying hard enough.

To quote Rocky, it's not how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Champions aren't made by avoiding failure or picking fights wisely. To never take on a bold challenge headfirst is to never attain true success. It's when you take on a worthy challenge - and fail - that you are really put on the doorstep of success, ironically.

Why? Because if you can maximize your hunger and fear only to rise up from that failure stronger than before, you will have established yourself among the rare Elite who have truly put themselves to the ultimate test.

Yet, this is much easier said than done. So, here are the five most critical steps to be taken when you are knocked flat on your ass and must climb your way up to the pinnacle of success:

1. Own It

Admit to yourself that you are not invincible. Acknowledge the hole you are in. Taking responsibility for the actions that have gotten you here is not easy, but it must be done in order to progress. How can you decide to get out of this hell-hole if you refuse to admit you are in one?

It is sometimes instinctual to place blame elsewhere when things don't go well. But upon honestly examining the course that has lead to this current predicament, you will now know exactly what not to do. Don't underestimate the value in that.

2. Define Your Goal

You can spot those that feign ambition from a mile away. Often, these fakers will have the vague goal of "being successful", as if success was a career or a feeling on the emotional spectrum. Success comes in many shapes and sizes but, in order to attain it, you must specifically define you goal. What does success mean to you?

It must be more than the yachts, women, and sports cars. Those that have an immature understanding of success fail to acknowledge that these are the symptoms of success, not success itself. Only once you know exactly what it is that you want, can you start planning and working a way out of the hole you are in.

3. Tear It Up

After you define what it is you want, don't hopelessly try to tackle the whole thing at once. Strategically devise a plan to minimize your time in this hole. Regardless of what your end-goal is, you cannot swallow it hole; you must bite away at it one mouthful at a time.

If you bite off more than you can chew, you will find yourself in a deeper hole. One of the most valuable talents of an extraordinary manager is the ability to divide projects up into smaller and more achievable tasks. One of the most popular killers of ambition is the overwhelming glance of the work ahead of you.

You'll never reach the peak of Mt. Everest if the first thing you do is look to see how long and difficult the climb up the mountain will be.  If you divide your goal into more manageable pieces, you have exponentially maximized your chances of moving up.

4. Make Moves... Now!

The single most important step of getting to the next level is action. This is where 90% of people stop and become complacent with their current mediocrity. Taking those first few steps forward will set you free. But you cannot put it off until tomorrow. If you do not act today, realistically you will just procrastinate until it is too late.

The guy that says he will "do it tomorrow" never actually does. All of your dreams, plans, and ambition are meaningless if you fail to follow through. And remember, you don't have to do everything in one giant step. Break it up and take one step in the right direction... today!

5. Take Bigger Steps

After you have momentum going and have put some distance between you and the hole of inertia, the hardest part is done. Yet, your goal should not simply be to keep a steady rate of progression. You need to be moving faster and wiser everyday. After all, if you are not improving everyday, doesn't that mean you are in another hole?

Moreover, the feeling of taking baby steps is not enough to motivate you to rise to the top. Only when you feel the satisfaction of noticeably and significantly bettering your situation will you acquire the drive necessary to climb out of the hole and onto a new level of success.

Venture Clout | Elite.