5 Harsh Truths About Entrepreneurship That Are Often Ignored

Entrepreneurial ventures are in the media’s spotlight. We often hear of billion-dollar acquisitions and amazing startup stories. However, we also need to hear about the many entrepreneurship truths that are a bit harsher and, often, less publicized.

Before anyone jumps into entrepreneurship, they should know what they're getting themselves into. It's important to have vast knowledge and clear perspective because otherwise, the entrepreneur jumps into a world of surprises — which, in business, is generally not a positive.

Check out some harsh truths about entrepreneurship that can’t be ignored:

You Are Your Own Cheerleader

No matter how much people say they support you and are behind you, only a few of these people will actually be there for you if things go awry. As an entrepreneur, you must be your own support system. You will spend a lot of time handling stress and obstacles, but you must push yourself to continue.

Your Social Life Becomes Non-Existent

Entrepreneurship is more than a career — it's a lifestyle. If you want your baby to be successful, you have to be all in. If partying on a Friday night is more important to you than scaling out your business, you're going to be in some trouble. You have to be committed to your business and you must have the ability to say no.

You're Going To Fail

It's also crucial to understand that very few people find success in their first attempt. We hear about the successes of entrepreneurs, but we rarely ever hear about their failures and low points. It's safe to assume that you're going to fail quite a few times before you find success. You must be persistent and continue to chase your dreams despite failures you meet. Never lose enthusiasm.

You Must Be The Most Unrealistic Realist Ever

Being an entrepreneur is tough — you have to be super realistic about your situation but you also have to think big. You must set massive goals for yourself while figuring out how to navigate through present situations. It's not an easy balance to find, but entrepreneurs must find a way.

Nothing Is Fair

Entrepreneurship really isn't fair. You can spend 100 hours a week working to no avail while another founder can spend 20 hours a week and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. No two startups ever take the same course on the path to success. You must understand that nothing is guaranteed and that you're going to have to work your tail off for a long time.

These are some of the harsh truths about entrepreneurship that most people ignore. However, the media and other outlets should really highlight these truths so new entrepreneurs know what to expect. The glamorous lifestyle, fast cars and massive acquisitions can happen, but make sure to be aware of what’s required to get there.

Photo credit: Getty Images