Why The 1% Shouldn't Be Hated

by Anonymous

Those that are better off were always disliked by those that are worse off, but now it seems that this dislike has quickly grown into hatred and all those that are considered wealthy are looked at as villains. Throughout my daily surfing on the internet- news and social media- I noticed that people are being overly hostile to what they like to call the one percent. This leaves me to beg the question: why?

There is no reason to look at people in this world, who have managed to work harder, smarter and have dedicated their life to success, as the bad guys of this world. Just because Wall St. found a glitch in the system during the financial crisis in 2008 and managed to make a boat load of money off of other peoples’ losses, the rest of the wealthy people on this planet should not be blamed for the moral irresponsibility of these cheap suit wearing Wall Street guys who bang dirty hookers and enjoy waking up at 5:30am. If you think that’s wealthy then you have no idea who the true 1% of this world really is.

The blame shouldn’t be placed on all rich people and neither should it be placed on the people that work on Wall Street. The hole that they found in the system allowed them to make more money than thought imaginable. The hole was available because the government set a no regulation law on Wall Street in the 70s and, surprise surprise, it managed to blow up in their faces.

If you were in their shoes, were a 20 something year old and were given the opportunity to make millions legally, trust me, you would do exactly the same thing. But this goes beyond Wall Street- I don’t even consider them to be wealthy.

I have seen wealthy and I have hung around the true 1% of this world. The people that have castles in France, have jumbo jets bigger than the president’s and the people that can buy anything they desire any time they want.

Those are the true 1% of the world. What many forget is that these are also some of the most educated, hardest working people around. These are the people that had the balls to take a risk when no one else would and it paid off greatly for them.

It’s time to put the hatred aside and stop being hostile to the people that actually did something with their lives because you are so miserable about your life. If you hate them so much and are so envious of them then why don’t you light a spark under your ass and make the necessary changes in your life so that you can one day join their ranks?

Instead of hating them you should study their ways and applaud them for making something out of nothing. We all aspire to be successful but hate those who have made it before us, but what we forget is that they too were once in our shoes.

Society loves to point fingers and place the blame on people for everything rather than looking in the mirror and realizing how pathetic they are. If you really want to point the finger at someone for the financial crisis, blame it on the retards that decided to take out mortgages on their houses that far exceeded the value of their houses and were well aware of what they were doing. Don’t blame the people who have worked harder than you and have taken more risks than you.

Capitalism is what made this country great and is what attracted the immigrants that make up this country. I know people who have grown up in communistic countries and they say it was a miserable experience. The government had all the power, owned everything and the people had no opportunity to grow and make something for themselves.

We are lucky enough to live in a country where opportunity is behind every corner, a place where you can turn a dream into reality. The 1% will never stop you from being successful; only you can stop yourself.

One thing everyone manages to forget about the wealthy people in this world is the amount of charity they give every year to help make this world that we live in a better place. I know people who write checks for millions of dollars to countries and communities in distress just to help them out- not because they are obligated to, but because they want to give back and share some of the wealth they were blessed with. So if you hate the wealthy remember some of the world’s population is depending on the checks that they are cutting to numerous charitable organizations.

Another thing that everyone manages to forget is that the wealthy are the ones that employ all of you working a regular 9 to 5. Are they evil because they are creating job openings so that you can make a living and feed your family?

If the wealthy weren’t around, who the hell would employ? The government? Whose tax money would fund the government projects? Think about it- these people aren’t bad people just because they figured out the game of life faster than you.

I’d like to close off on this article by touching on everyone’s favorite topic of the hour: Mitt Romney. Yes he is extremely hated by half of America because he is running against a celebrity president, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

Mitt Romney is the ideal American. His father came here from Mexico and created for himself an honest and prosperous life. Mitt was well raised and became a businessman and a successful one at that. He hasn’t broken any laws, employs a large number of people and is even a governor.

But of course the country hates him because he is richer than everyone else, because he managed to succeed and they didn’t; so they hate him. Everyone is so obsessed with what he paid in his taxes but fail to realize that it’s none of their fucking business.

Do you see him get arrested for tax fraud? No. So that means that whatever it is that he is doing, he is doing legally. It’s his money; he made it and it’s none of anyone’s business what he does with it- presidential candidate or not.

Richie O'Flaherty | Elite.