Entrepreneur Profile: Matt Fiore


West Side Movers has established itself as one of the premier moving companies in all of New York. It started off as a small business, but now it has expanded all throughout the Northeast. With Matt Fiore at the horns of the operation, West Side continues to out-do itself and expand throughout the Big Apple. 

Elite was able to catch up with Matt Fiore, the CEO of West Side Movers, and get to know more about him and his business.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration? 

When it comes to expanding your business, networking is crucial. Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs on networking? 

Managing your own business is not easy, especially when you start right out of college. How would you say that you had to adjust and adapt to a life that was very different from what you were used to? 

When you first started managing your business, were you expecting that it would become not only your full-time occupation, but also a growing company?

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far on your journey? 

West Side Movers has definitely become a household name. I see the trucks all over the city. How have you managed to keep modest and stay in pursuit of developing your brand to its full potential?

5, 10, 50 years down the line, where do you see yourself? West Side Movers?