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For members of Generation-Y, attaining success and establishing yourself in any industry now involves a different route than it did for generations before us. In times past, the best and most talented in the business world would rise to the top and the weak would sink to a state of inertia at the bottom.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as the path to get to the top has become much more complex. In fact, just to get into the environment or system necessary to chase success is incredibly challenging.

That is where EiAbroad comes in. EiAbroad understands the complexities of trying to establish yourself in 2012. And not only do they know what it takes, but they will help you get there: essentially giving you a valuable "road map" to navigate through your ambitions.

If your dream is to have that CEO plaque on the door to your Goldman Sachs office, then you already know how essential EiAbroad's services can be, since prerequisites to just get in the door of these places rely on you having a long list of personal connections and an Ivy League diploma.

But thankfully, EiAbroad has developed a proven system and service that overcomes these boundaries and can help you succeed in any industry or career. Elite Daily had the opportunity to sit down with Johnny Ayers, NYC Director of EiAbroad. Here is our interview:

What is EiAbroad?

How does EiAbroad work and what services does it offer to accomplish this?

Who are the faces behind EiAbroad and can you tell us a little about yourselves?

Given all your unique backgrounds, what made you choose this industry to launch your venture?

Entrepreneurship has become critical to the economy in 2012, and it seems as though there has never been such a prime opportunity for it. What made you guys leave the comfort of the corporate world for a risky venture such as this?

Again, given your unique backgrounds, EiAbroad’s management is very multi-talented. How does this add value to the company?

With any startup, there are naturally some tough obstacles and boundaries that need to be overcome. Was this the case for EiAbroad, and if so, what were they and how did EiAbroad persevere?

Can you give some advice to our ambitious readers about those imperative first steps that need to be taken initially to launch a successful venture of any kind?


In general, what do you think are the top 3 tips for success for an entrepreneur?


What steps need to be taken to reach EiAbroad's goals for the future?

Why should a success-driven college student or reader from Elite Daily use EiAbroad’s services?


Who or what company would you like to see EiAbroad collaborate with in the future?

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