College Job Site Helps Students Find Jobs They Can Balance With Class

Looking for a way to battle that awkward Thanksgiving conversation about your future plans after graduation? Want to get a head start on saving up for your own place? Enter Campus Job.

Campus Job is the largest online marketplace that connects students with part-time jobs and internships.

It’s live at every single college and grad school in the US, 100 percent free for students and has listings ranging from Fortune 500s, startups and local businesses.

Campus Job is the difference between you working on a career and you twerking on a pole. (Although, we do hear bottle girls make a ton of cash…)

Campus Job is also a pretty cool startup itself. Founded by successful recent UPenn grad, Liz Wessel (who landed a coveted job at Google after her graduation), and JJ Fliegelman, the company employs over 150 students to be Campus Reps for either marketing or business development.

Who better to help students find jobs than actual students, right?

Case in point: The so-clever-it’s-meta promotional video was produced, acted out and packaged by college film students involved with Campus Job. It’s a website and company that keeps on hooking you up (...with career opportunities, kind of like Tinder for student jobs).

In an age when unpaid internships feel more competitive than salaried jobs, it’s extremely resourceful to have a well-rounded, go-to website offering students compelling opportunities.

Campus Job gets it. It showcases attractive openings (think: event staff, social media specialist, beer connoisseur) at recognizable, ambitious companies like Formula One, Next Barre and Postmates.

You won’t have to worry about searching through pages of boring or out-of-reach jobs that make you scared for your mental sanity after college.

This is a new way to spend class trolling the Internet (besides hanging out on Elite Daily, natch). Only this time, you’ll actually be benefiting your future. Check out Campus Job and its hilarious, student-made video. We've got the exclusive release above.

But when you make it big, don’t forget the little people.