Lifestyle — How One Company Figured Out A Way To Make College A Whole Lot Easier (Video)

What if you could see the future?

Well, you can't... But with Civitas Learning, you'll come closer than ever!

We recently visited this Austin, Texas based company to see how it's putting foresight and insight back into the hands of college students. Civitas Learning works with universities to collect data and analytics to help determine which course an individual student should take and how he or she will perform.

Its standout app, Degree Map, helps college students plan entire courses of study from day one. It helps students plan and make the most of their education, and it's a crucial tool that can be useful to any student in a day and age when higher education can be a quarter of a million dollar investment.

With Degree Map, there's no more cramming classes in at the last minute during senior year or accidentally taking classes that won't even count toward your major. Degree Map provides powerful financial insights to help students understand the implications of making changes to their courses of study.

It has been instrumental in keeping students in school, especially those considering dropping out, by showing them how much more they'll have to spend to finish their degrees.

Its goal is to help a million more college students continue to learn and finish strong. We have a feeling it'll make it happen. As its slogan goes, “Science, in the hands of smart and caring people, can change the world.”

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