5 Small Ways To Get Yourself Noticed At Work

by Jennifer Abbey

Every day you sit at your desk with your nose to the grindstone, but you're still not getting noticed by your boss. You're not getting that promotion, that feedback or the slightest bit of recognition.

It seems like these days hard work just isn't enough to get you ahead in the workplace. Executives want to promote people with infectious energy and ideas they're not afraid to share with the group. If you're not going to stand up and fight for yourself and your career, why should your boss?

If you're not the type to be aggressive, it doesn't necessarily mean your career is doomed. There's Type A and Type B personalities for a reason, right? But when it comes to the office, it's all about taking advantage of those rare opportunities that can help bring out your inner self.

1. Put your success in your boss' face.

Email him or her quickly detailing what you did and why it betters the company, product or brand. Emails do get lost and can be annoying when excessive, but if you do it in the right way, it will show that you're helping (even the littlest bit) to drive the company forward. If you're not the type to just go up to your boss and say it to his or her face, email is a solid alternative.

2. Don't be afraid to get a little wild at the company happy hour or holiday party.

I don't mean be the drunkest one at the bar. This is your chance to get some face time with the people you don't normally see around the office, so spark up a conversation.

If there's dancing going on, whip out some moves. Everyone enjoys the guy who isn't shy to get out there and do a little moonwalk. A good go-to if you really want to standout? The worm.

3. Get personal.

People want to have friends at work. They want to like the people around them not just professionally, but personally.

It can be as simple as remembering the name of their significant other's band or their favorite type of ethnic food. If you share your interests and life experiences, they're more likely to open about theirs. It's all about getting on that "inside joke" level. Executives want to promote people they enjoy having around.

4. Never say no to an event.

Baby showers, volunteer groups, birthday parties, sports leagues, office pools -- Get involved with anything going on with your coworkers. Not only does it add a little fun to your calendar, it's also another way to show your boss that you're outgoing and someone fun to have around.

5. Don't forget, it's just a job, so have fun.

Okay, so you actually did the worm at the company holiday party and now you're a little embarrassed that everyone is calling you "Worm" around the office (yes, it happened to me). On the bright side, they're remembering your name and you're standing out from the other dedicated workers in the crowd.

Life should be exciting and new every day; there's no time to be shy. You deserve all of life's successes just as much as the hard-working employee next to you, so go out there and grab them!

Photo via Boiler Room