5 Great Tools For Young Entrepreneurs

As our global economy struggles in a recession, entrepreneurship has defined itself as the solution to monetary recovery. More and more young entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to cash in and surprisingly, and it is these young startups that currently create almost two third's of new jobs for Americans.

As our world becomes ever-more sophisticated with the advent of new technologies, the ease of creating a business out of nothing has increased dramatically due to many websites and services that facilitate some extremely helpful formerly complex procedures. A few of these are our favorites here at Elite.

1. CrowdSpring

This is THE best way to design a professional and affordable logo. You name your price, and hundreds of users participate and create proposed logos. A typical project gets around 110 entries, and they also offer a money back guarantee in case you don’t like the design!

2. Legal Zoom

This great website founded by legal experts provides users with any legal document without the hassle (and price!) of dealing with a lawyer. It is a quick, easy and non-confrontational way to get legal papers needed for your business such as Non-Disclosure agreements and outsourcing contracts.

3. Square

Square was created by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter. This great service turns your smartphone (usually iPhone) into a credit card reader. This is an extremely useful function as it not only allows you to take payments on the go but people will definitely ask what it is which will gain more attention for your product. Square only takes 2.75% per transaction, which is not so bad when you get a card reader without any mobile payments or a credit check and in turn, more potential for profit.

4. Expensify

This is a great tool for those of you starting a business with 2-3 employees. The purpose of Expensify is to simplify the process of managing expenses. They offer services that track every dollar spent and have very clever features such as receipt scanning, password protection, advanced encryption, and advance charts.

5. HighRise

If you have yet to learn the importance of CRM in an increasingly-user-friendly environment then your business is missing out! HighRise allows you to keep all of your customer information, notes, and miscellaneous data organized in a clever manner. With over 60 features and add-ons, The good thing is that the product is free and it even allows you to improve your relationships with consumers via your personal email!

Juan Martinez | Elite.