4 Ways Rejection Is Actually One Of The Biggest Blessings In Disguise

by Artonique Nelson

What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They were all rejected multiple times throughout their careers.

The difference between mediocrity and great success is often the way you handle rejection. Most people don’t go after what they want because they are afraid that people will judge them if things don’t work out.

However, we’ve all heard the saying, "The fear of failure is the fear of success." Most people don’t know this, but usually if you haven’t experienced rejection, you probably haven’t experienced great success, either.

1. Rejection is a learning opportunity.

Instead of getting discouraged by negative thoughts, ask yourself if there’s anything you could’ve done better so that you can improve next time. Take rejection as an opportunity to gain feedback and learn from mistakes you may have overlooked.

You can’t improve your circumstances if you don’t know what the problem is, and self-awareness is always a quality that can help you advance in life.

2. Rejection can help get rid of fear.

Most people don’t go after what they want because they are afraid it won't work out, but you will find that you become much happier when you don’t live to gain the approval of others.

Rejection will only hinder you if you let it, and sometimes you have to encourage yourself. A person who is confident and persistent will always be unstoppable in pursuing his or her goals.

3. It motivates you to do better.

Success is always the best revenge, so instead of complaining about something you cannot change, work harder.

You can’t let one small thing hold you back; rather, take it as inspiration to become more persistent. The results you get in the end will always be more important than the time it took to achieve them.

4. Rejection can stop you from becoming complacent.

When you are constantly getting what you want without having to step out of your comfort zone, it leads to complacency, and that is the fastest road to mediocrity.

So make a choice: Do you want an average life, or do you want the best life possible? Don’t be so quick to give up because the minute you stop trying is the minute other people begin to surpass you.

It helps if you don’t take things personally, and a big mistake people make is blaming themselves for every rejection. No one has a perfect life, and as you gain more experience with being rejected, your attitude towards it tends to change.

Why not use it as an opportunity to learn something? There’s no shame in being rejected, but there is shame in not trying or taking a risk. You can either let the fear of rejection lead you down a road to mediocrity, or you can use it as inspiration to become more persistent than ever.

Realize that sometimes rejection is a good thing, so learn how to turn your setbacks into stepping stones.

If anything, you should seek out rejection because the first step to becoming the person you've always wanted to be is having the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr