How To Make It In America 2.0: The 3 Ways To Make It In The 'New America'

In the new America, the American Dream is quickly becoming the American Nightmare. A country that was once the symbol of opportunity and freedom is slowly becoming an example of mediocrity, political divide, and a declining government. As young Americans, what is it that we need to do to access the American Dream in the new America? How do we live the lives of the rich and famous when most of us are struggling to pay our rent or to find a job?

At age 31, I have ownership in three companies, ranging from 25% to 51% of each company. Through these companies, I have worked with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Vogue, Elle, Amber Rose and Tila Tequila. From 27 to 29, I lived with my parents to save the access capital to start or invest in the companies of which I own.

In 2012, the fashion label Stevie Boi, of which I am a minority owner, was featured in Time Magazine as a dream job and one of the most innovative companies in America. Earlier that year, the company was evaluated at over $12,000,000. Through discipline, saving, and staying focused on being exceptional, rather than ordinary, I was able to become a young American living the American Dream in the new America.

Devised from personal experience, here are three ways to make it as a young American in the new America:

1.  Find something you are passionate about.

My number one passion has always been helping people. To help people, you often need money. So whether I am using my engineering skills (I have a systems engineering background), or having one of my clients featured in Vogue, Complex, or a national television spot, you can believe I am helping someone and making a bit of money along the way

2.  Move back in with your parents.

If going out three times a week and showing the world/Instagram how fabulous you are is your main objective, this may not be the best option for you. If you are serious about saving money, paying off your student loans, and potentially getting out of the cycle of mediocrity, this is probably your best move. Parents often offer cheap rent, or if you are really lucky, no rent at all.

3.  Avoid Broke People.

My mentors told me you only make as much money as the three people you spend the most time with. If your three best friends are broke, there is a 110% chance that you are broke! Furthermore, your net worth is often directly correlated with your network.

Stay tuned as I bring you more incite and advice from other young Americans living the American Dream in the new America.