These Money Management Tips Are Essential For The Survival Of Gen-Y

No matter in what form it's given us, and no matter in what regard it speaks, we all want advice on how to make and keep more money, in words that are easy to digest. There are lists all over the web designed to do just that. Some of them are good, some are bad and others feature pointers that are just plain obvious. Then, there those that actually make you think - the ones that have the potential to alter your thought process the next time you look into your wallet.

The question of where to find these tips may have been impending, until now. With this compilation of money tips found all over the web, Elite Daily is bringing you a list of some of the best pieces of advice that Gen-Y can find on the Internet, from improving your demeanor in the interview to land that hefty salary, to shrinking your monthly expenses on food and making the adjustment from college to the real world. Here we go...

10 Things Every College Grad Needs To Know About - Forbes

“Some students have lived in an apartment before, but after college it's not a big party and eating your roommates' food late at night," Morrison says. Rather it's time to grapple with expenses like transportation, health care, food, entertainment and incidentals. Plan everything.

Many students expect to live on $50 a week for food, so Morrison brings to class an unappetizing selection of $50 worth of groceries to show them what that money will buy. "You will not live on rice and beans. You will go to the deli. You will buy coffee," she says. You don't have to deprive yourself. Just be realistic. "I don't care if they get a pet snake," Morrison says. "Just know how much it costs."

10 Ways Your Credit Can Betray You - MSN

You paid off your last credit card balance and are finally debt-free. But your score drops, or, after months of inactivity, you have no score at all. Credit scores rely heavily on recent data to be able to predict risk. So while you don’t need -- and shouldn’t want -- to be in debt to have a good credit score, there must be at least one piece of recently-reported information on your credit report to continue to receive a credit score.

10 Ways To Save Money In College - Bill Shrink

Enjoy Free Events - There are always free events happening at any given time on a college campus. Whether they are meetings about student causes or an extracurricular activity like intramural basketball, clubs and departments are constantly sponsoring things for you to do. The best part is that these often include free food. So take advantage of these free activities for the chance to get a decent meal, meet some new people and for the experience of learning or seeing something new.

10 Ways To Get Fired -

Pointing the finger at everyone but yourself - Take ownership of your job. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Don’t try to sweep your mistakes under the carpet—or worse yet, blame somebody else—because the truth will usually come back to bite you on the bottom line. And nobody wants to trust or employ a liar, says Star.

Top 10 Ways To Show Confidence With Body Language - Ask Men

Avoid Your Pockets - The first tip on our list of the top 10 tips to show confidence with body language is to keep your hands out of your pockets. We put our hands in our pockets when we’re uncomfortable or unsure of ourselves. And as long as you have your hands stuffed down your pants, that’s how other people will view you.

[Instinctively] we tend to hide our hands when we’re nervous; keeping your hands out in the open indicates confidence and shows people you have nothing to hide. Also, recognize that putting your hands in your pockets encourages slouching, which isn’t good. As an alternative, try putting your hands on your hips; it’s a far more confident posture.

The 10 Things Generation Why Can Do To Make Itself Better - Elite Daily

Stop Procrastinating - This generation is one of the smartest generations to grace the earth with its presence; however, there is one big problem, we love to wait until the last minute to get our work done. This not only exponentially increases your stress levels, but it also limits your production. While you may be able to get your work done on time and fully complete on your boss’ desk by Monday, is it really your best work?

Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Writing A Business Plan - Inc.

Imagine how great our work would be if we actually had a time to properly prepare everything. Learn to manage your time and prioritize, yes it is fun to go out and have drinks, but it isn’t worth it if you have a mound of work to get done. Show people you have you've got it together and that you know how to prioritize.

Successful plans come in all shapes and sizes and formats, so don't worry about crafting one that looks and reads exactly like every other plan that's out there. Your goal isn't to fit in; you want your business plan to stand out. Remember: If you create a proposal that expresses your idea and your personality, you will be more comfortable and confident when you are called on to present it.

Things Grads Can Do To Stand Out And Get A Job - Yahoo!

Use your best judgment when it comes to touting GPA - "GPA isn't a big factor when it comes to getting hired in most career fields," Parcells says. "But if you have a great GPA and still managed to hold a job, take on internships and participate in a variety of other extracurricular, be sure to make this known to potential employers."

Fields where GPAs may be the most important include law and medicine, Pappalardo says. But most employers just want to know you have the degree, then what you can do.

"Almost no one will ask you for your GPA, although if you have an impressive one, by all means highlight it," Pappalardo says.

If you do choose to include academic accomplishments, make sure to list them towards the end of your resume, Killian says.

"If you graduated cum laude or at the top of your class, that's impressive and should absolutely be shared on a resume. Simply list those academic achievements in the education section, just like you would list professional accomplishments," he says.

Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Food - Listverse

Buy in bulk - Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper than buying small portions. It is important to remember, however, that this is not an effective shopping tool if you are buying bulk items that you don’t normally use. Bulk shopping should be reserved to the items that you use regularly and in large quantities.

For example, if you bake your own bread you should buy the largest sack of flower you can – but if you never bake your own bread you should not buy bulk flour. This seems like an obvious point, but a lot of people get so enthusiastic about the savings that they buy unnecessary goods.

Top 10 Mistakes New Grads Make - Mint

Not Budgeting - Not having financial goals and tracking your expenses is like driving around blindfolded, expecting to somehow arrive where you want to go.

Your goal is your destination – where you want to be. The shortest path to get there is allocating your resources with a spending plan and tracking your progress.

If you don’t have a compelling goal, make one. And if you don’t have a spending plan, make one of those, too.

Setting budgets and tracking expenses used to be a time-consuming pain because you had to do it by hand. Now it’s as easy as going to a free site like Mint and letting them do it for you.

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