Three young women jumping up and down at home as their zodiac signs celebrate Galentine's Day 2022.

These 4 Signs Are Most Likely To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Their BFFs

Love is in the air — bestie style.

Feb. 14 may be all about romance, but Feb. 13 is all about your relationships with your besties. Just 24 hours before Valentine’s Day, the Galentine’s Day festivities begin, and the zodiac signs most likely to celebrate are sure to have the best time alongside their best friends.

On Feb. 13, the moon will be hanging out in its domicile sign of Cancer all day long, emphasizing cozy at-home vibes, which makes it the perfect day to spend a night in with your BFFs. It’s much easier to establish emotional security while the moon is in its sign of rulership, and there are four signs that will benefit from this energy the most:

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