Why There Are Worse Things In The World Than 'Skinny-Shaming'


If you are one of those girls who is "naturally skinny," then congratulations, you’ve hit the genetic lottery. You are blessed with your incredible metabolism. I've heard a lot about the concept of "skinny shaming" recently, and I understand that the uproar regarding the size of models and actresses leads people to analyze how other people view them. Plenty of people are naturally smaller and it’s not fun to constantly field questions of whether or not you have an eating disorder.

But, if you fall under this category, I challenge you to see another perspective — please realize how lucky you are that cellulite is not the first thing you scan for in a picture of yourself and that "back fat" isn't a reality in your life.

I know that "skinny shaming" is wrong and I’m really not trying to be insensitive. Just keep this in mind — you don't want to be fat, you don't want to be "average" and sure, you may want a little extra meat on your chest or on your ass; but skinny is the universal ideal. Society has made [some] effort to change our perception of beauty in recent years, but this mostly addresses acceptance and nothing more.

I have hips that don't lie, a D-rack and an ass that randomly appeared out of thin air about two years ago. I recognize the fact that I am not an atrocious looking individual, but 12 year-old-girls with 2 percent body fat look more appealing in a bathing suit than I feel I do. You say you want "curves," but you probably just want to look like a retouched Victoria’s Secret Angel.

News flash: WE ALL DO. Just because we're "curvy" doesn't mean we're genetically set to look like Kim Kardashian. Even Kim doesn't "naturally" look like herself. People like Kim and JLO have body types that are just as difficult to achieve as Kate Moss'. Having curves doesn't equate to looking like Jessica Simpson in "The Dukes of Hazard" — a personal trainer and strict diet did that.

Everyone likes to believe they were shafted. Let’s be clear — you were blessed and you have what the majority strives to attain. People starve themselves to look like you. People spend hours at the gym trying to look like you. People give up chocolate to look like you. Every person is self-conscious, but most of us are self-conscious because we DON'T look like you.

The last thing a curvy girl wants to hear from a skinny girl is that she doesn’t diet or work out. Let me think that I have all the pizza in the world and you have all the kale — that is what I need to believe. I need to have that on you — that I actually eat. "I can eat whatever I want and not get fat!" "I actually eat A LOT!" "I hate the gym, I never work out!" *STOP* I don't care if you've gained 10 pounds in the past month — if your friend couldn't fit into your jeans, don't you dare bring it up.

I have friends who are really thin and are genuinely self-conscious about it, but nobody would prefer the other side of the spectrum. Any girl with thighs that overlap would LOVE to hear she has "chicken legs." I know you don't like it — I understand that it offends you. But realize that what is an insult to you would make someone else's day.

I do go to the gym. I do eat healthy. I also skip the gym sometimes and truly believe it should be a punishable crime to go to the gym on Christmas or your birthday or really any public holiday. I'm not lazy — I probably work out just as much as you do. I choose skim milk over soy even though I like soy better. Just because I have love handles doesn't mean I don't have self-control.

I just can't live off Greek yogurt and I hate yoga more than I hate watching golf on TV. Stop complaining that everyone hates on skinny girls and understand you will probably always be the ideal image. It is 2014 — it isn't Marilyn Monroe's world anymore and even if it were, most of us are still far from sex symbols.

Thank God every day that you'll never know what Spanx feel like and that cropped tops are your thing. I work out to look more like you; you eat the extra cupcake because you know you'll never look like me.

Love, 145 pounds, 28 inch, 36 D

Photo via We Heart It Tumblr