Here's where to buy Miller High Life's Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit for a twist on a classic.

Miller High Life's Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits Are An Upgrade On Gingerbread Houses

The little pool table is such a nice touch.

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Miller High Life

Get ready to upgrade your usual gingerbread house this holiday season with a boozy new offering. Miller High Life put a spin on the tasty tradition with its new Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit, which officially becomes available to purchase on Monday, Dec. 6. With the limited-edition kit, you can build your own festive dive bar that’s made with beer-infused gingerbread pieces. If you’re a fan of the hops, here’s where to buy Miller High Life’s Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit to ring in the holidays.

The new Miller High Life Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit is the ultimate festive activity to do with your BFFs (or yourself) this cozy season. After all, it features everything you need to build a premium dive bar made with Miller High Life-infused gingerbread walls — and it’s super easy to assemble. Not only does the kit come with beer-infused gingerbread walls, but you’ll also get a whole slew of other sweet pieces to help build and decorate your dream dive bar, including mini vintage Miller High Life wall art and neons that are all made from sugar, and an entrance sign that you can customize with the name of your bar.

Courtesy of Miller High Life

Of course, like all classic dive bars, there’s also a mini select-o-matic jukebox for rockin’ out and an edible pool table that comes with pool cues made out of pretzels and candied pool balls for tasty entertainment.

Courtesy of Miller High Life

The kit even comes with Vermont maple syrup packets that you can pour on the branded floor to recreate that feeling of sticky floors that you’d find after a long night at the bar. Rounding out the collection is an outdoor pergola that’s made from bar snacks like candy canes and pretzels.

Courtesy of Miller High Life

You can purchase the Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit for $50 exclusively on the Miller High Life website starting on Monday, Dec. 6. It’s only available while supplies last, so you’ll want to act quickly if you’re looking to ring in the holidays with a sudsy spin on a classic tradition.

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