Where is 'Yellowjackets' filmed? The Showtime series is set in both Canada and Los Angeles.

Yellowjackets Fans Can Visit These Iconic Filming Locations IRL

This vacay will be a lot less brutal than the show.

by Andrea Hannah

Fans can’t seem to get enough of the edge-of-your-seat thriller airing on Showtime, Yellowjackets. Not only is the hit show extremely absorbing, but it also features breathtaking scenery and intriguing settings. If you’ve already been marathoning the show, you may be wondering: where is Yellowjackets filmed? While the pilot was filmed in California, the show’s other filming locations require a trip up north.

Yellowjackets’ Filming Locations Are Truly Iconic — And You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

The Yellowjackets pilot was filmed in Los Angeles, but the rest of the show is filmed in British Columbia, Canada. It makes sense, really, considering the thriller takes place in an unforgiving wilderness as a team of highly competitive high school soccer players tries to survive after a plane crash. British Columbia is known for its gorgeous scenery and natural beauty, so there’s no shortage of filming locations for the girls’ high-stakes circumstances as they fight to survive.

In addition to shots taken in the wilderness, there are also several Yellowjackets filming locations within the city of Vancouver. You can take a tour of one of the most stunning cities in the world, while popping into a few of filming locations that have fans asking, “Is Yellowjackets based on a true story?”

Yellowjackets Vancouver Filming Locations

A number of sequences from Yellowjackets were filmed in downtown Vancouver, including Finch’s Tea House on Pender Street. Some scenes were also filmed at Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall on Richards Street. Super fans of the show may even recognize Finch’s warm wooden floors and furniture, or the natural light and gorgeous architecture of the cathedral in the background.


Other Yellowjackets Filming Locations In Canada

On top of Vancouver, several sequences were filmed outside of the city, in Surrey, British Columbia. Many scenes were even filmed at Panther Paintball and Air Sports, which may seem a little out of place, considering the show’s premise. That said, is there any better place to film some intense battle scenes (no spoilers, but things get rough out there) than a paintball gym?

Most of the other scenes were filmed at Burn Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia. This studio is well-known for its incredible special effects, so it’s likely that some of the most action-oriented scenes were filmed here. Plus, the studio is set up to film just about anything, so all those airplane crash scenes and even some of the modern-day scenes were probably filmed here.


If you’re a Yellowjackets super fan, you’ll want to include plenty of stops at filming locations on your next trip to Canada. You could stay in downtown Vancouver, grab a cup of coffee at Finch’s, then take a few photos at the Holy Rosary Cathedral. Once you’ve explored the city, you can head out to Burnaby to play some paintball, reenacting some battles with your friends, before heading out into British Columbia’s wilderness for a hike with stunning views. Let’s be honest: You know it’ll be a much better time than Shauna, Misty, Tai, or Natalie had out there.

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