Vrbo's customized doghouses include a luxe cabin that looks like a chalet.
These Customized Doghouses From Vrbo Are Just The Digs Your Fur Friend Needs

The ‘Gram-worthy homes feature balconies, swimming pools, and succulent gardens.

Courtesy of Vrbo

You may know Vrbo as a go-to resource to book amazing vacation homes for your next adventure, but just in time for the holiday season, they’re offering something furry special for your pet at home. On Dec. 9, you’ll be able to snag one of these customized Vrbo doghouses for your best friend. Now, these aren’t just any regular doghouses. These Vrbo doghouses were designed for any four-legged friend to live luxuriously, like you would in your own Vrbo vacation home.

At first glance, you’ll be wishing you could buy one of these Vrbo doghouses for yourself. That’s how glamorous they are. With five different home designs, you can really choose a house that fits your pup’s vibes. There’s a beach cottage for your dog who loves to spend their summer days by the shore playing catch, and a mid-century modern bungalow for any pup who loves to nap in style.

Each home will be available for $100 on Vrbo at 12 p.m. CT on Dec. 9. However, these ‘Gram-worthy doghouses will only be available on a first come, first served basis. So, you better set an alarm on your phone now so you don’t miss out on getting one. If you’re ready to spoil your dog with the greatest gift ever, browse your options now so you’re able to “book” the right customized Vrbo doghouse ASAP.

Beach Cottage
Courtesy of Vrbo

If you’re dog is ready for sunny days, you’ll want to get them this adorable beach cottage. It’s perfect for seaside vacations where your dog can rest in their home after playing in the water. It even has a checkerboard on the roof for you to play with as your pup sleeps.

Chic A-Frame
Courtesy of Vrbo

A-frame cabins are the epitome of camping in style. This super chic hideaway for your outdoor-loving dog will be a great resting place for them after you’ve gone on an adventurous hike. It even has an adorable little balcony for your pup to watch some squirrels from as they lay on the super comfy bed.

Mid-Century Modern Bungalow
Courtesy of Vrbo

Everyone will be super jealous of your dog living in this mid-century modern home. It comes with a swimming pool and a succulent garden. Let’s not forget the design is Insta-worthy as well with its grassy green roof. All you’ll need to do is get your pup a pair of 1960s-inspired sunglasses to wear as they lounge inside.

Luxe Cabin
Courtesy of Vrbo

Give the gift of cottagecore to your dog this holiday season with this luxe cabin doghouse. This dog-sized chalet is the perfect place to take warm naps in the wintertime. Even the faux fireplace detail inside brings that extra bit of coziness your pup needs to life. Just get them a dog cardigan and throw on some Taylor Swift music to really get them into the chill mode.

Modern Ranch House
Courtesy of Vrbo

If your pup is California dreaming, they’ll love this modern ranch house in the style of an Eichler Ranch House. It has all the amenities they need like a water and food station as well as a succulent garden. Let’s be real, though, your pup will spend most of their time just lounging inside dreaming of chasing squirrels and chewing on bones.