Vizzy’s new Mimosa Hard Seltzer is a brunch game-changer.

Vizzy’s New Mimosa Hard Seltzers Will Transform Your Brunch Game

The pomegranate orange flavor is a game-changer.

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If you don’t have any brunch plans for the weekend, consider this your sign to make some ASAP. On Feb. 28, Vizzy announced the launch of the company’s first ever canned mimosa — the Mimosa Hard Seltzer — which, if you’re 21 or older, means you and your besties can have some weekly brunch fun without the two-hour wait. Check out Vizzy’s new Mimosa Hard Seltzer and see if this canned sip might be your brunch game-changer.

Bottomless mimosas are a brunch staple, but just because Vizzy’s new Mimosa Hard Seltzer has a very real aluminum bottom doesn’t mean they’re any less brunch-worthy. Made with real orange juice and mimosa fruit flavors (of course), each Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer has a 5% ABV. As a little bonus, they also feature an antioxidant boost of vitamin C from a cherry-like superfruit from the West Indies called acerola, according to Vizzy. If vitamins aren’t what you’re coming to brunch for, no worries, the four fruit flavors are really what it’s all about.

Vizzy’s Mimosa Hard Seltzer 12-count variety pack comes with 12-ounce cans in Strawberry Orange, Pineapple Orange, Peach Orange, and Pomegranate Orange flavors. Because it’s always great to have options, the Strawberry Orange flavor is also available individually in either a 16- or 24-ounce can. Mimosa Hard Seltzer prices will vary by location, according to a Vizzy spokesperson.

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Mimosa Hard Seltzers might not be exactly the same as pouring an eye-dropper of orange juice in your glass of champagne, but the two-in-one combo is a great way to switch it up at your next brunch. Vizzy’s Mimosa Hard Seltzers dropped March 1 at grocery stores nationwide and through select alcohol delivery services. You can find a pack near you via the store locator on the Vizzy website.

While Mimosa Hard Seltzers are a great reason to get up early enough for a tasty at-home brunch, if you decide on more of an afternoon vibe, you can also opt for the Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer.

Now that you’re set for brunch sips, all you need is the perfect recipe and Instagram post to complete the weekend ritual.

Before heading out to stock up on Vizzy, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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