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This new Vera Bradley 'Harry Potter' collection is inspired by characters from the Forbidden Forest.
Vera Bradley's New Harry Potter Collection Has The Cutest Hedwig-Inspired Bags

Accio *everything*.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley has something magical to share just in time for the fall. The company most known for their adorably quilted bags and colorful designs is releasing its third Harry Potter collection to pay homage to everyone’s favorite wizard. However, this time, the Vera Bradley X Harry Potter collection invites you to venture away from Hogwarts by featuring some of your favorite magical creatures from the series. The all-new Forbidden Forest Collection from Vera Bradley highlights characters like Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang on different totes, crossbody bags, and duffel bags — and you’ll want to spend all your galleons on the lineup.

There’s even a cozy robe featuring the Forbidden Forest pattern that is perfect for fall movie nights with your besties. Now that the Harry Potter films are all on HBO Max, it’s the perfect opportunity to rewatch the entire series from start to finish while wrapped up in a Harry Potter fleece throw. If you’re going back to school, this collection also has everything you need — from on-theme notebooks to backpacks — to succeed and be a real Hermione this semester.

If you’re ready to accio this entire lineup, you’re in luck, because the Vera Bradley X Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Collection is currently available in stores and online. Browse around like you’re shopping in Diagon Alley with your Hogwarts’ shopping list. While there’s a lot to see in the entire collection, here are just a few highlights that are muggle must-haves.

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If you’re always going on adventures just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, this large duffel bag from the Forbidden Forest Collection will come in handy. It’s the perfect size to be your go-to carry-on, whether you’re traveling on the Hogwarts Express or just flying home to visit your family. It even has a detachable strap and tons of pockets to make it extra versatile.

This hanging organizer is another essential for travelers. This will keep all your makeup, toiletries, and potions all in one place during your adventures. It even has a metal hanger that you can use to hang up the organizer in your hotel room or dorm room which easily tucks away when you fold it back up. For your electronics, get yourself the Harry Potter cord organizer ($40, Vera Bradley) to keep all your cables, charges, and headphones in one place while traveling as well.

When you’re not wearing your Hogwarts house robes, relax at home in your very own Forbidden Forest robe. This plush robe has a fleece hood and two pockets. It’s the perfect loungewear for movie nights. Just imagine wearing this robe while sipping on a warm butterbeer and watching your fave Harry Potter movie. Talk about a dream come true.

There’s also a matching PJ set in the Forbidden Forest Collection with jogger pants ($60, Vera Bradley) and a long sleeve shirt ($48, Vera Bradley) that’s perfect for even more fall cozy wear.

There’s really no such thing as having too many makeup bags. They’re perfect for storing your beauty products at home and keeping your toiletries organized when traveling. If you’re a big fan of Harry’s loyal owl, Hedwig, you’ll really want to Accio this clamshell bag into your collection right away. Not only does it have a stunning image of Hedwig on the front, but it also boasts a fun pattern inside with even more Hedwigs.

If you’re having to carry your laptop back and forth to class or work, you may want to treat yourself to this laptop organizer from the Vera Bradley collection. This padded sleeve will keep your computer safe during your travels, and the organizer even has an interior pocket with four pen slips for any stylus or gel pens you may have. The pattern also features the adorable Buckbeak and the sassy Whomping Willow.

While some of the other items in this collection are more subtle with hidden nods to the Harry Potter franchise, there is nothing subtle about this tote bag. It features the Harry Potter “HP” logo embroidered right on the front with a Golden Snitch. This will be your go-to bag when you’re heading off to a late-night study session in the library or running errands with your bestie on a Sunday. It’s large enough to fit all your essentials, and even has a pocket just for your wand.

There are also different sizes to choose from, like the small velvet tote ($135, Vera Bradley) and drawstring family tote ($75, Vera Bradley), in addition to different patterns like the velvet Hedwig tote ($175, Vera Bradley).

Makeover your dorm or your bedroom for the fall with tons of cozy decor. This Harry Potter fleece throw in either a Hedwig pattern or Forbidden Forest pattern ($65, Vera Bradley) can go right on your bed or couch for easy access when you need a blanket for movie night. There’s even this matching study buddy pillow ($70, Vera Bradley) that’s sure to make your bed extra cozy as you’re reading a text book or the Harry Potter series once again.

This hipster crossbody bag is the perfect on-the-go offering. It’s just the right size and has tons of pockets to fit everything you need for a full day of adventures. It even has a wand pocket that’ll come in handy the next time you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

Since it’s pumpkin spice latte season, you’ll need a new tumbler for all your fall drink sips. This super cute travel tumbler comes with a straw and is double walled so it’ll keep all your iced drinks extra cool. While you’ll definitely want to use it for your PSLs, it’s also perfect for your butterbeer drinks, some pumpkin juice, or Gillywater.

Be more like Hermione and get yourself extra organized for your studies with this Harry Potter backpack. The small backpack can easily carry all your essentials like your notebook ($20, Vera Bradley), ID case ($30, Vera Bradley), and water bottle. There’s also a matching lunch bunch bag ($45, Vera Bradley) to carry around your pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs.

The backpack isn’t available to order just yet, but you can enter your email to be notified as soon as it’s in stock.

You can easily add some charm to any bag you already own, thanks to this Hedwig bag charm from the Vera Bradley collection. You can even store tiny items like coins and galleons inside to deposit at Gringotts. Browsing the entire collection, you’ll notice it has other super fun accessories that are also budget-friendly, like this Hogwarts PopSocket ($20, Vera Bradley) for your phone.