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Velveeta’s Veltini Cocktail Took My Tastebuds For A Wild Ride

IDK what I was expecting.

Courtesy of Velveeta

Your new signature cocktail has officially arrived just in time for the dog days of summer, and it’s made with the taste of Velveeta. Yup — that Velveeta. The cheese brand launched an all new cocktail, called the Velveeta Veltini on July 20, and spoiler alert: it’s even cheesier than you’d expect. If you want to try the cocktail concoction for yourself, here’s the rundown on the new Velveeta martini, including where to buy it, a review of the Velveeta Veltini, and more.

A Velveeta-flavored martini definitely sounds like an unexpected combo (trust me, I know), but if you’re a martini enthusiast, or a serious lover of all things cheese, the cocktail might be more up your alley than you’d think. Made with Velveeta-infused vodka, olive brine, and vermouth, the one-of-a-kind sip challenges everything you know about martinis — and cheese. Plus, as if the sip weren’t ‘Gram-worthy by name already, the Velveeta Veltini also features a slight yellow coloring, a cheese drip made from Velveeta sauce around the rim, and a cocktail garnish of Velveeta-stuffed olives and shells on top. Basically, the cocktail looks just as cheesy as its name implies.

Courtesy of Velveeta

I know the Velveeta Veltini may not be the most appetizing sip by name (or appearance, TBH), but you know what they say: you can’t judge a book by its cover, or martini by its cheese. That’s why I tried the unique beverage for myself, and let’s just say it has its pros and cons.

Velveeta Veltini Review

Once the cocktail had been prepared, I immediately clocked just how deliciously frothy the Veltini looked, though it was less yellow than I expected. On my first sip, I got a strong whiff of the cheese sauce garnish around the rim before my lips even hit the glass. The scent kinda threw me for a loop, TBH, but I powered through and strapped in for the unique flavor journey ahead.

Let me just say right off that bat — if you’re not a cheese lover, you’re gonna want to steer clear of the Veltini. I was definitely expecting it to be cheesy, but I had no idea it would be that cheesy. Luckily, I’m a self-proclaimed cheese enthusiast, so I was able to handle the unconventional taste of cheese in my cocktail. Upon my second sip, two words came to mind: dirty martini. The cocktail had an almost overpowering saltiness to it that reminded me a lot of the olive-brine flavor of a classic dirty martini, so if you prefer to keep your martinis clean, the Velveeta Veltini may not be the drink for you.

The taste of the vodka wasn’t too strong, but it was definitely there, which meant my tastebuds had to balance the cheese, salt, and vodka flavors all at once. On some sips the mix of flavors was overwhelming, for other sips the taste weirdly worked. I never fully adjusted to the scent of the cheese sauce, but it never tasted like I was drinking straight Velveeta, which is a plus, I guess. Oh, and BTW, if you don’t finish your olive and cheese shell garnish quick enough, the cheese will make its way into your drink, so just be prepared for that.

Overall, if you consider yourself to be a loud and proud cheese fanatic, you’re not gonna want to miss the chance to put your love to the test with the Velveeta Veltini. As a cheese lover myself, I can say that the cheesy flavor wasn’t the part of the sip I took issue with — it was the salty dirty martini brine that soured the rest of the drink for me.

Courtesy of Velveeta

Where To Buy The Velveeta Veltini

Before you run out to your favorite local bar, you should probably know that you won’t be able to order the Velveeta Veltini just anywhere. Starting July 20, the cheesy cocktail will only be served at select BLT Restaurant Group locations nationwide, including BLT Steak Washington D.C., BLT Prime New York, and The Florentine in Chicago. So if you try to order the sip at your go-to pub, expect a few confused faces and side-eyed stares.

The Velveeta Veltini is, appropriately, only available to order during golden hour, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. local time. The cheesy martini is priced at $15 a glass, and the adventurous sip will be sticking around for a limited time while supplies last.

If you’re not local to a BLT restaurant, don’t worry about driving 300 miles to the nearest location just to get a taste of the Velveeta creation. Instead, you can order a Velveeta Veltini kit for yourself via the BLT Steak webpage on the Goldbelly website to have the speciality cocktail ingredients delivered directly to your door. Along with the Veltini fixings, you’ll also get two martini glasses, a cocktail shaker, Velveeta coasters, a recipe card, and cocktail picks. Altogether, the take-home cocktail will run you $49.95 per kit.

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BTW, you might want to place your order sooner rather than later, because there’s only a limited number of Velveeta Veltini kits available on the Goldbelly website. No pressure or anything.

Whether you’re a foodie with an appreciation for the unconventional, or you’re just in it for the ‘Gram, the Velveeta Veltini should definitely be on your radar before it’s gone for good.