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Velveeta & Nails.INC teamed up for a cheese-scented nail polish collection, the first set for the ch...

Velveeta's New Nail Polish Actually Smells Like Cheese

You really can put cheese on anything.

Courtesy of Velveeta and Nails.INC

Calling all mac and cheese fans, Velveeta just dropped a line of cheese-scented nail polishes. Yes, you read that right. The cheese brand you grew up loving teamed up with the U.K.-based foodie favorite polish Nails.INC to create the Velveeta Pinkies Out Polish Collection and bring its liquid gold goodness to the tips of your fingers both in look and scent.

Nails.INC and Velveeta put together two very special polishes: There’s a bright yellow shade, La Dolce Velveeta ($15, Nails.INC), which is an identical match to Velveeta’s golden color and is sure to make you crave a creamy bowl of mac and cheese. The other polish included in the set is Finger Food ($15, Nails.INC), a fire truck red. Pair them together and you’ll have a manicure that carries the undeniable scent of cheese once try. Get ready for Wisconsinites to ask for your number.

Though you can wear them however you please, Velveeta and Nails.INC have a very specific vision for how they’d prefer customers wear the polish collection, and the name says it all. The Velveeta Pinkies Out Polish Collection is designed to bring a special pop to your tiniest finger. While it’ll slay on all of your nails, this polish is designed with your pinkie nail in mind.

Courtesy of Velveeta and Nails.INC

The ooey-gooey deliciousness doesn’t stop with polish. These two vibrant colors were made to be worn together, but you don’t need to watch a million YouTube tutorials to create some melted, golden cheese nail art to the tips of your fingers. To simplify your life, there’s a whole pad of nail stickers ($5, Amazon) also available with this launch. Getting a dynamic Velveeta-inspired look really couldn’t be easier.

The nail stickers come with a whopping 72 stickers. There are gold dripping stickers to put at the top or bed of your nails. You can also go more graphic with the “drip” or “creamy” options. But it wouldn’t be a Velvetta collection if there weren’t some other ways to decorate your nails with images of the brand’s iconic shell noodles.

How much does Velveeta X Nail.INC’s collection cost?

Though this nail set does cost more than a box of Velveeta shells and cheese, it’s not by much. The two polishes together are $15, and you can add the stickers for only $5 more.

How can you shop Velveeta X Nail.INC collection?

There are two places to go to get your cheesy nail fix: Nail.INC’s website and on Amazon. The whole Velveeta Pinkies Out Polish Collection drops on Tuesday, June 7, but supplies are limited. Once this collab sells out, it might not restock, so if you want some savory, cheesy nail polish, you should try your best to be first in line.

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