Valentine's Day
A woman makes a Valentine's Day craft after watching a Valentine's Day DIY TikTok video.
These DIY V-Day TikToks Will Inspire The Sweetest Last-Minute Gifts For Your SO

Plus, don’t sleep on these dollar store hacks.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but you still have enough time to DIY something special for your partner. Putting extra thought into creating a homemade present is so meaningful and will really show your SO just how much you care. Get started by watching these cute and creative Valentine's Day DIY TikToks for last-minute gift ideas to make for bae, and then get crafting.

Each TikToker below crafts something very different for Valentine's Day, which means you are bound to find something special that makes you think of your sweetheart. For example, one crafter shows how to personalize a pack of pastel postcards that your partner can use to send messages to their long-distance pals. Another TikTok DIY idea is a serious upgrade for your SO's favorite iced coffee. You can bring a touch of love to your Valentine's Day brunch or an afternoon treat by adding heart-shaped ice cubes to your partner's beverage.

Of course, if you search hashtags like #ValentinesDayDIY on TikTok, you’ll find so much inspiration to scroll through. If that seems overwhelming at first and you’re in a time crunch to find Valentine’s Day DIY ideas before Feb. 14, to kick off your crafting journey, check out these DIY crafts on TikTok assembled just for you. Not only will these DIY TikTok Valentine’s Day gifts be fun to make, but they’ll be even more fun to give to your SO.


Dress Up A Pack Of Pantone Postcards


TikToker @aaaylise shows how to make a super sweet Valentine's Day DIY project by personalizing a pack of Pantone postcards ($21, Amazon). On the pink card, this TikToker draws heart-shaped lollipops that have a three-dimensional look.


Fill A Personalized Mason Jar With Goodies

If you want to give your SO a bunch of their favorite candy and other small goodies on Valentine's Day, personalize a mason jar using stickers and paint. This TikTok video by @blessedcolette will give you the necessary steps in order to decorate the outside of your mason jar. The final result is so adorable, which you can fill with Hershey’s Kisses and little love notes like TikToker @ajarfilledwithlove does in this other Valentine’s Day DIY tutorial.


Create A Surprise Box With Rolled Cash Inside

You may not want to get your partner a gift card to one of their favorite stores or restaurants for V-Day. Instead, craft a surprise box with money creatively rolled inside, so you can treat your SO to takeout or their favorite bottle of wine. This Valentine's Day TikTok by @rubylbc1 will coach you on how to do just that by taping money (or special coupons, if that's more your thing) together and adding a pull tab.


Make Your Partner A Drink With Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes

If you're starting Valentine's Day with breakfast in bed, then you need to check out this Valentine's Day DIY TikTok video by @jacimariesmith that features a mini heart ice cube tray ($8, Walmart). The tray makes tiny heart-shaped cubes that you can drop in your partner's iced coffee or orange juice. Although they'll melt away, your SO is sure to be surprised and excited about the cute drink with their breakfast.


Craft A Faux Heart-Shaped Piñata And Put Photos Inside


With just a heart-shaped box and a roll of pink streamers, you can make your SO a personal faux piñata for Valentine's Day. To do so, follow along with this TikTok video by This TikToker takes you through cutting the strips and covering the box. Once you're done with the craft, you can fill the piñata with your partner's favorite photos or candy.


Design Your Own V-Day Card With Confetti

Anyone who has a Cricut product can design their very own V-Day card with confetti. The machine is able to cut out a heart and phrase like "love you," as well as heart-shaped confetti to put in the envelope. See it for yourself in this TikTok video by @cricut for a thoughtful last-minute DIY for your SO.


Make A DIY Flower And Candy Basket For A Centerpiece

Flowers and chocolate are typical Valentine’s Day gifts, but TikTok has a way to take the norm and make it totally unique. Just follow TikToker @gabriela.aty’s lead by making a DIY flower box with fresh blooms and your partner’s favorite candy. Sticking the candy on sticks in between the roses really makes this look like a full bouquet, and doubles as a centerpiece for your V-Day dinner.


Head To The Dolar Store For DIY Valentines

TikToker @louflores_has been wowing everyone with the DIY Valentine’s Day tutorials showing off how you can make elaborate looking gifts using budget-friendly items from the dollar store. With just some creativity (and a hot glue gun), you can craft a super sweet valentine for your partner using their fave candy. This Ferrero Rocher example is a choco-lot of fun, but there’s also a Kit Kat version and a peppermint candy jar.

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