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Tyler Cameron's home decor and hosting tips include interior design ideas from his partnership with ...

Tyler Cameron's Home Decor And Hosting Tips Will Get You Ready For Patio Season

Plus, the one item he’d take from Bachelor Mansion.

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Like many of us, Tyler Cameron is giving his living space a spring refresh. Using HomeGoods’ new home decor tool, the Bachelorette alum revamped his Jupiter, Florida bachelor pad to make it the perfect spot for hosting family and friends — and he sat down with Elite Daily to talk about what the process was like. In an exclusive interview, Tyler Cameron shares his home decor finds and some hosting tips, as well as what fans can look forward to this year.

Cameron, who was a finalist on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019, admits he’s always been more comfortable with the construction aspect of revamping a home than interior design, thanks to working with his dad at construction sites as he was growing up. “Ever since I was a little kid, my dad would bring me to the job,” he explains. “There's even pictures of me as a baby with him, me in one of his hands and a hammer in the other.” However, Cameron didn’t really get his start in construction until a college shoulder injury put his dreams of a football career to bed.

“I hated that my dad never let me have a real job on the job sites growing up because he was afraid I was going to get hurt,” he says. However, working with his dad has revived his passion in the industry, and he has a number of home projects he’s working on in Florida (he’s currently got seven in the pipeline, including a house he hopes to rent out as an Airbnb). “I definitely messed a lot of things up when I finally started getting into building, but I’ve learned a lot and it’s fun working together,” he adds.

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Cameron, who previously lived with Bachelor alum Matt James in New York City, says that his interest in working to flip, build, and construct homes in Florida’s hot real estate market drew him back to the Sunshine State. Plus, he’s been loving getting to spend more time with his dad, his high school friends, as well as his “mentor” and brother Rob.

“I love to host, I love to have people over,” the 29-year-old shares about one of the main reasons he wanted to up his decor game and make his current space more inviting. His partnership with HomeGoods’ new Dream Vibes tool came in to help him discover inspiration and pick out furniture and decor pieces that fit his lifestyle and personality.

HomeGoods’ Dream Vibes tool basically works by analyzing your dreams to give you an aesthetic for your home, aka a “Dream Vibe.” This “personal, decor-filled design snapshot" puts together "the textures, colors, shapes and decor details inspired by the mood of your dream,” as well as a list of HomeGoods products for you to shop for your space.

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Cameron’s Dream Vibe, titled Popcorn & PJs, Please, unsurprisingly put an emphasis on making his home perfect for hosting after he had a dream that his family and his friends came over to hang out and play games. “My vibe showed me that I’m craving chill hangouts at home with family and friends, and it suggested adding calming hues and relaxing textures with eye-catching conversation pieces,” Cameron says, adding that his favorite color blue also has a big presence in his space.

Other favorite statement pieces include a “nice, beautiful brass bar cart,” which Tyler called a surefire way to get the party started, a neon statement light, a surfboard coffee table, and plenty of seating for all of his guests. “It’s this fun space now that everyone loves to hang out in,” he says, laughing. “My dad's over now all the time. He already claimed a chair in the house.”

Tyler Cameron’s Hosting Tips

With patio season just around the corner, Cameron is also gearing up for hosting guests outside. To hold the perfect warm-weather get-together, the reality star tells Elite Daily that having enough beverages for everyone, as well as an inviting outdoor space people will actually want to hang out in, are essential for creating the vibe.

“I love hanging out at the outdoor fire pit I got. I’m always chilling, but I wanted to make sure there was enough comfortable seating,” he says, revealing he purchased a new blue wicker couch, yellow chairs, tiki planters, and plenty of wooden outdoor games to spark some fun competition friends. Laughing, he admits, “Before, it was a little bizarre out there with all these old chairs from everywhere. Now, I see people actually want to spend time out there.”

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While the Bachelor Nation favorite has kept mum about his plans to return to the franchise, he didn’t have the most complimentary take when asked what decor item he’d choose to take from the mansion.

“The Bachelor Mansion, they need Dream Vibes because the place is a little dated,” he says, laughing. “They can hit me up, and me and HomeGoods will go over there and fix them up.” After a brief pause, he adds, “You know what I would take? Maybe the fridge. It was nice and big.”

In addition to a number of fun summer travels — Cameron shares he’s got plans for scuba diving trips in the Bahamas, as well as a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in the Dominican Republic that he jokes “feels like it’ll be a sorority formal” — the reality star also says he hopes to share more of his construction projects and the house flipping process with his fans.

“The exteriors are all pretty much done on two of the houses, and that’s the boring part,” he says. “Now, the fun part will be putting the drywall up, starting to do all the finishes, and I'll definitely be documenting a ton of that.”