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These quotes from Disney's 'Turning Red' make the perfect Instagram captions to honor your friends, ...

20 Turning Red Quotes About Friendship To Caption Your BFF Pics

Because you’ve always got each other’s fluffy backs.

by Andrea Hannah

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s new animated film, Turning Red, it’s time to get yourself over to Disney+ ASAP. Released on March 11 and available only on the streaming service, this heartwarming film touches on the messiness of growing up, and how much easier it is to become who you’re meant to be with good friends by your side. If you’re looking for an Instagram caption that’ll show your BFFs how much you appreciate them, these Turning Red quotes will definitely do the trick.

In the movie, four preteen friends — Mei, Jin, Priya, and Abby — do anything for each other. That includes some normal things, like figuring out how to attend their favorite band’s concert, and some not-so-normal things, like protecting Mei’s secret red panda identity. No matter what happens to their crew, these four friends always stick together, through thick and thin, like you and your besties. Truly, friendship like that is so hard to come by, so why not tell your number ones that you love them every once in awhile with a sentimental Instagram post?

Any of these quotes about friendship from Turning Red will make an excellent caption to your Insta carousel of BFF photos. There are quotes that are genuinely vulnerable and sweet, and others that are a little silly, but either way, your friends will get the vibe you’re going for. For even more impact, you could gather together to watch Turning Red before you post so they can truly understand just how much they mean to them. You’ve got their fluffy backs, no matter what.

  1. “You’re our girl, no matter what. Panda or no panda.” — Priya
  2. “We’ve got your fluffy back.” — Miriam
  3. “We’re like a warm and fuzzy blanket.” — Priya
  4. “I know, it’s a lot.” — Mei
  5. “We are 4 Townies, remember? Ride or die!” — Mei
  6. “I’ll give you anything! Money, my kidney, my soul.” — Abby
  7. “I miss how things were, but nothing stays the same forever.” — Mei
  8. “We’ve all got a messy, loud, weird part of ourselves hidden away. And a lot of us never let it out.” — Mei
  9. “People have all kinds of sides to them, and some of them are messy.” — Jin
  10. “Don’t hold back. For anyone. The farther you go, the prouder I’ll be.” — Ming
  11. “Go become women without me.” — Mei
  12. “Fight the power!” — Abby
  13. “I’m finally figuring out who I am.” — Mei
  14. “Let’s burn this place to the ground!” — Mei
  15. “You are a beautiful, strong flower.” — Ming
  16. “You’ve got this. Just be the calm, mature adult you totally are. You got this.” — Mei
  17. “I’ll guard it with my life.” — Abby
  18. “This will be a piece of cake and mostly painless.” — Mr. Gao
  19. “If we all can’t go, then none of us should go.” — Mei
  20. “The panda is part of me, and you guys are, too.” — Mei