10 Really Cool Marble Products That'll Update Your Apartment Aesthetic

One of the perks of having an apartment to call your own is letting your personal style take the spotlight. You don't have to put your personal taste on the line and compromise with anyone else's opinions. You can go with a boho-chic feel, a more modern aesthetic, or a glam, elegant design. Whatever your style may be, if you're obsessed with all things marble, incorporating some marble decor into your apartment layout is totally necessary.

Having marble in your home can say a lot. It's timeless, chic, and can be paired with a variety of different color palettes. Marble is something that can also scream, "I've got a handle on this thing called adulthood, thank you very much." Even if you add just a couple marble pieces to your space, your aesthetic will be upgraded. Consider switching out your coffee table for one with a marble top, or start using cool marble holders for your kitchen utensils.

Marble decor will make your place look beyond Instagram-worthy, so you'll want to invite your friends over for a night in, complete with a charcuterie board, wine, and movies. No matter what you have planned, you'll know you have a home that's truly marble-lous.

Marble Coasters

Host a wine night with your besties simply because you want to catch up, drink some good wine, and use these trendy marble coasters. The edges are coated with gold for a classy touch to your flay lay Instas of your spread.

A Marble Serving Board

Along with your coasters, this marble serving board will upgrade your night in with your besties. Your typical cheese spread can instantly turn into a fine charcuterie plate with just the right base. When you're not using it to serve something delicious, it be the centerpiece on your dining room table.

A Marble Coffee Table

A brand new coffee table has the potential to change your room's entire vibe. It may be time to upgrade yours, and if that's the case, this marble table not only looks great, but will match any color scheme you have going on in your apartment.

Marble-Inspirational Quote Art

From wanderlust-y maps to adorable pictures of cats, Etsy has something for everyone's taste. Though, you can never go wrong with an inspirational quote. Every time you look at this marble-inspired piece of art, you'll be motivated to live in the present.

A Marble Vase

A vase filled with a fresh bouquet of flowers will instantly brighten up your space, no matter what the weather is doing outside. Be prepared for your next trip to the farmers market with a gorgeous marble vase to put your blooms in.

Marble Hangers

Something super useful to add to your home if you're short on closet space are these marble stone hangers. Use them to hang up your fall jackets, scarves, and purses, so everything has a place.

A Marble Utensil Holder

Keep your spatulas, mixing spoons, and other kitchen utensils organized in one place with this cool holder. For the foodie who loves to cook and bake a lot, this will definitely come in handy. That way, you don't have to constantly dig around in every drawer when you're looking for something.

A Marble Vanity Organizer

Add a little marble to your bathroom or bedroom with this chic vanity organizer. Keep your favorite lipsticks out and lined up for when you need a quick and seamless touchup.

Marble Door Knobs

Switch out your current door knobs for marble ones. This is a fun and affordable way to make your dresser or cabinet look new. All you really need are a few touches to give what you already have a refresh.

Marble Bookends

Elevate your bookshelf with marble bookends. You could even use them on your dresser to keep your favorite books and journals organized for everyone to see. Plus, the trendy brass lining might match the other decor you have in your place.