Chandler and Monica's get engaged on 'Friends' ahead of The 'Friends' Experience's engagement opp.

You Can Get Engaged In The Friends Apartment Like Monica And Chandler

It's only for four days, so you need to act fast.

Warner Bros.

If there was ever a time to pull an “Oh my God” à la Janice from Friends, it’s now. For a limited time only, you can get engaged in the Friends apartment, courtesy of The Friends Experience in New York City. While it’s very endearing that Chandler thought it mattered what he said or where he said it before he popped the question to Monica but realized that the only thing that mattered was how happy she made him, yadda yadda yadda, this is a *big* deal, so take the chance if you can.

In collaboration with jewelry retailer Zales, The Friends Experience in NYC is allowing fans to propose in the iconic space. “Visit The FRIENDS™ Experience: The One in New York from April 28th - May 1st for a chance to recreate the iconic proposal where Monica got down on one knee,” TFE announced on Instagram on Wednesday, April 20. “Monica's apartment will set the stage for your very own #SheProposed moment.” Zales echoed its partner’s remarks, adding that you need to “See it for yourself.”

Friends fanatics across social media are living for this concept. “I really wish I was getting married,” commented one fan on Facebook. “What an awesome way to be proposed to.” Though, there were a few who pointed out the differences between the proposal on TV and the one depicted in The Friends Experience’s photo of choice. “She should be kneeling with him,” said one Facebook user, since both Chandler and Monica (aka Mondler) were kneeling on the ground during the on-screen engagement. “HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT IN THE LIVING AREA LIKE MONDLER,” commented a separate user on Instagram. No matter what the individual proposal looks like, it’ll still be made extra special by the backdrop.

The Friends Experience frequently offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. In May 2021, TFE teamed up with to give fans a chance to actually sleep over in the Friends apartment, complete with access to Monica and Rachel’s purple door and Joey and Chandler’s foosball table.

Tickets range from $39.50 (plus fees) to $52.50 (plus fees), depending on when you wish to go. For more information, visit

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