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This Starbucks Pistachio Cream Cold Brew review proves it's a sweet sip.

Starbucks Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Review: Sweeter Than You'd Expect

The Pistachio Latte has some serious competition.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Move over, Pistachio Latte, because there’s a new drink inspired by the green nut up for grabs at Starbucks. The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew hit stores on Jan. 3, but before you run out and grab a cup of the stuff for yourself, you’re probably wondering what an iced pistachio-infused sip is all about. I got to preview the new menu item, and this Starbucks Pistachio Cream Cold Brew review breaks down everything you need to know about the drink, including what to expect from the new (and suprisingly sweet) Pistachio Cream Cold Foam.

The launch of the winter 2023 menu means it’s going to be a while before you can get your hands on a Peppermint Mocha again, but the debut of the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew will help the goodbye go over a little easier. Made with Starbucks’ Cold Brew and vanilla syrup, the new drink features the refreshingly cool cold brew texture mixed with the familiar flavor of the green hard-shelled member of the cashew family, thanks to the new Pistachio Cream Cold Foam. If you’re expecting the drink to have a pistachio’s signature sweet-and-salty flavor, you might be disappointed, because the creamy foam topping makes for a much sweeter take on the wintery flavor.

Courtesy of Starbucks

If you’re already a loyal fan of the Pistachio Latte, you might be wondering if the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is worthy of a spot in your order. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the new wintery menu item available in stores nationwide.

What’s In The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew?

The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is made with Starbucks’ signature Cold Brew and vanilla syrup, and topped with silky Pistachio Cream Cold Foam, which has pistachio flavoring in it, and salted brown butter cookie flavored topping for added texture.

Pistachio Cream Cold Brew Review

I immediately noticed the brew gives off a strong scent of salted brown butter, thanks to the sprinkles, which also add some enjoyable texture. The unmistakable pistachio flavor really comes through the cold foam as soon as you taste it. IMO, the nut flavor is much stronger in this drink than the classic Pistachio Latte. (I tried both at the same time, so I got to compare the two in real time.)

The star of the show is definitely the Pistachio Cream Cold Foam. Its silky texture goes down so smooth, and the flavor made me realize I may have been sleeping on pistachio for too long. While the pistachio flavors are recognizable, the flavored cold foam really makes the drink taste a lot sweeter than the OG Pistachio Latte.

Cold brew isn’t always my favorite — I find the taste pretty overpowering at times — but with this drink, I was struck by how evenly the cold brew and Pistachio Cream Cold Foam blended together. In fact, the cold brew helps bring out the sweet and salty taste of pistachio even more, which I really appreciated.

Overall, I think this drink has something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not a cold brew stan, the flavors in this drink just might convert you.