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Squid Game Birthday Cards On Etsy For When Your Bestie Makes It To The Next Level

Let the party games begin!


Just like the participants in Netflix’s Squid Game, you’ve got the green light to go. Unlike in their deadly game, however, your green light is just a reminder to go and get something for your BFF’s upcoming birthday. If you and your bestie have been nonstop talking about Netflix’s hot new series, these Squid Game birthday cards on Etsy should be your first stop.

It’s no secret that Netflix’s South Korean thriller Squid Game is a massive hit. It’s taken the number one spot on the streaming platform and inspired countless TikTok trends and last-minute Halloween costumes since its release on Sept. 17. It may even be the topic of conversation in your bestie group chat right now, which is why a Squid Game birthday card is the perfect way to ring in your BFF’s big day. It will definitely help you win major friend points, and if you’ve watched Squid Game, you know winning is everything.

Your friend may even have a Squid Game-inspired birthday celebration planned with party games like Red Light, Green Light and tug of war on the schedule. They might serve Dalgona candy with the different shapes for people to either eat or cut out. Or, perhaps they just want a low-key celebration at home where you can rewatch or finish off the series together. Either way, any these 10 Squid Game birthday cards on Etsy are sure to put a smile on their face, just as if they just won a huge cash prize.

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This Robot Doll Card Is Tons Of Fun

Just like the Red Light, Green Light doll kicks off the games in Squid Game, you can kick off your bestie’s birthday by giving them this birthday card. It has the iconic robot doll on the front demanding, “Let’s play a game.” You can even have your personal message printed on the inside, or just write it yourself once you get the card.

This Player 001 Card Is For Your Day One

If your friend is your number one since day one, you may want to get them this Player 001 card. Unlike Il-nam, though, you have zero secrets between you two. In fact, you’d make the perfect team to survive Squid Game together.

This Card Gives The Green Light To Party

Give your friend the official green light with this robot doll birthday card. With this message, they’ll know it’s time to go out and party on their birthday. You could even hand it to them as they’re on the way to their celebration dinner or a picnic in the park.

This Colorful Guard Card Is Vibrant AF

If you’re looking for a card that pops, look no further. This Squid Game birthday card is super colorful and features a LOL-worthy drawing of one of the game guards wearing a birthday hat. The message of this card is also hilarious and reminds your bestie that they’re not getting older, just advancing to the next level.

This Green Light, Red Light Card Is A Whole Mood

If your bestie has a great sense of humor, you may want to get them this tongue-in-cheek Green Light, Red Light card. It features the robot doll and guards dressed up in their jumpsuits with confetti, a balloon, and a birthday hat with the ominous line “one year closer to elimination” on the front. They may be one year older, but they’re looking better than ever.

This Dalgona Candy Card Will Cracker Them Up

While every game in Squid Game is stressful, the Dalgona candy challenge might take the cake. If you’ve tried playing the game with the TikTok filter or attempted to make your own honeycomb at home, you know how quickly things can go wrong with one little mistake. However, getting your friend this Dalgona candy birthday card for their big day definitely won’t be a mistake.

This Squid Game Doll Card Is An Instant Download

Want a card you can give your friend as quickly as possible? This instant download robot doll card will be available as soon as you purchase it on Etsy. This is perfect for any last-minute birthday gifts that you want to put together before time runs out. It’ll also save you some money on shipping costs and comes in different colors so you can get creative with it.

This “Birthday Game” Card Makes Great Wall Art

If you’re looking for something that’s colorful, funny, and has lots of references to your bestie’s new favorite show, this card needs to go in your cart ASAP. Not only does it have illustrations of Gi-Hun, the robot doll, guards, and a speciality cupcake Dalgona candy on the front, but there’s also an option to get an adorable drawing of some guards with a casket on the inside. This card is a great way to wish your BFF a happy birthday, plus it can become instant wall art with the right frame.

This Dalgona Candy Shape Card Presents A Fun Challenge

Give the gift of a speciality Dalgona shape to your BFF, thanks to this Etsy birthday card. On the front, it says “I have chosen a shape for you” with an image of Gi-Hun opening his round tin. For the inside, you have the choice of two shapes, and the birthday cake one is perfect for this occasion. It even says, “I wish you all the best.”

This Squid Game Card Looks Like The One From The Show

Prior to joining the competition, everyone is given a mysterious card with a phone number on it and three geometric shapes. You can give your friend a similar card for their birthday like this one from Etsy. The brown card has the three shapes on the front along with the line, “Would you like to play a game?” This is a great card to get if you do have some surprises planned for your friend like party games or an Instagram birthday scavenger hunt.