These zodiac-themed cupcakes by Sprinkles and Sanctuary are out-of-this-world.

Sprinkles’ New Sanctuary Zodiac Cupcakes Perfectly Match Each Sign’s Personality

The collab is kicking things off with a unique flavor combo for Aquarius.

by Andrea Hannah
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Courtesy of Sprinkles

Is there a better combo than cupcakes and astrology? The masterminds behind sweet confection chain Sprinkles and popular astrology app Sanctuary certainly don’t think so. That’s why the two powerhouse brands have teamed up for the launch of 12 Sprinkles’ Sanctuary zodiac sign cupcakes, which will be dropping throughout the year and are inspired by the personality traits of each sign.

Sprinkles is kicking off 2022 by releasing the first of its new zodiac cupcakes inspired by Aquarians. Aquarius season starts in mid-January, so it only makes sense that our fellow Aquarians get the first taste of their signature dessert, no matter how jealous the rest of us are (ahem, impatient Gemini here). Each month, at the start of the new zodiac season, Sprinkles bakeries across the country will release the zodiac cupcake associated with that season, meaning you can expect a dozen different zodiac sign cupcakes to roll out this year.

Keep in mind that these zodiac sign cupcakes aren’t only designed to taste good and look pretty (although they definitely do). Sprinkles has teamed up with the experts behind the popular astrology app, Sanctuary, to ensure that each cupcake profile captures the essence of that sign’s personality. So, when you go to the bakery to pick up your sign’s signature cupcake, you can be sure that the flavor profile has been expertly crafted just for you.

To celebrate the start of Aquarius season, Sprinkles released the “Miso Caramel” cupcake on Monday, Jan. 24. Just like Aquarians are the most innovative sign of the zodiac, this unique flavor is a blend of sweet and salty, with a caramel core and white chocolate buttercream frosting. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like the Aquarians we know and love.

Courtesy of Sprinkles

Sprinkles and Sanctuary have also confirmed the next cupcake flavor that will be released in February for Pisces season. Sweet and tender Pisces loves to daydream, so it only makes sense that their cupcake is called the “Pink Fantasia.” It’s a vanilla cake topped with marshmallow meringue, and the whole thing is petal-pink from top to bottom, making it a ‘Gram-worthy addition to any birthday posts you have planned.

The rest of us will have to wait for our flavors. While some have been confirmed, other zodiac signs are still in the works as the teams at Sprinkles and Sanctuary whip up the perfect cosmic confections. For now, here are the confirmed signs and flavors:

Sprinkles’ Aquarius Cupcake – Miso Caramel

  • Caramel cake filled with miso-spiked caramel, and finished with a cream cheese frosting

Sprinkles’ Pisces Cupcake – Pink Fantastia

  • Pink vanilla cake filled and frosted with fluffy marshmallow meringue, which is lightly toasted on top
Courtesy of Sprinkles x Sanctuary

Sprinkles’ Aries Cupcake – Black Forest

  • Dark chocolate cake with cherry and a luxardo cherry marshmallow center, cherry frosting, and dark chocolate curls to top it all off

Sprinkles’ Taurus Cupcake – Biscoff Cookie Butter

  • Biscoff cookie crust, cinnamon cake surrounding a Biscoff cookie butter center, and brown sugar frosting with a crumbly cookie rim

Sprinkles’ Cancer Cupcake – Banana Pudding

  • Nilla wafer crust and banana cake filled with banana-flavored marshmallow, which is topped with toasted marshmallow frosting and a mini nilla wafter

Sprinkles’ Leo Cupcake – Mexican Hot Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate cake spiked with Ancho chili and a chipotle chocolate ganache center for a little heat, which is topped with dark chocolate frosting lightly dusted with a unique Ancho chile and espresso blend
Courtesy of Sprinkles x Sanctuary

If you want to try your sign’s cupcake (or if you want to try them all), Sprinkles highly recommends pre-ordering these limited edition zodiac sign cupcakes, as they’re expected to sell out quickly. Sprinkles’ Sanctuary zodiac cupcakes will be available for pick-up and local delivery at Aprinkles bakeries until they’re gone.

To find out exactly when the zodiac sign cupcakes drop, you’ll want to follow Sprinkles on Instagram and sign up for their newsletters. That way, you’ll be the first to know when you can snag your very own cosmic confection.

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