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A couple cleaning at home after looking up spring cleaning hacks on TikTok.
These Spring Cleaning Hacks On TikTok Will Start Your Season Fresh

I’m scared to check some of these places I’ve been forgetting to clean.

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Cleaning isn't always straightforward. Between the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach and the corners that keep getting dusty, tidying up can be quite daunting. Luckily, there are plenty of viral spring cleaning hacks on TikTok that can help you tackle your to-do list in half the time and effort. Before you know it, your home will look and feel as good as new with beloved products and organization tips.

Just imagine how luxurious you'll feel when you hop into a clean bed that smells like fresh meadows, or how content you'll be every time you open your closet to find everything you need right where it should be. You may even have more space to spare in your wardrobe now that you have some folding tricks up your sleeve. As you head for your next soak in the tub, you can rest easy knowing your bathroom is squeaky clean, even down to your faucets. The best spring cleaning hacks from TikTok leave no fleck of dirt or dustball unturned, which means your home will be completely fresh for the season.

Once you check off all the tasks on your to-do list, feel free to pat yourself on the back. Since these cleaning hacks on TikTok saved you time, you now have a lot more room in your schedule to kick back and relax on your newly cleaned couch.

This Spray Removes Year-Old Stains On Clothes And Furniture

You may have given up on those pesky stains on your clothes or furniture, but this TikTok hack will change your mind. TikToker @kassyrandazzo uses a carpet spot remover ($7, Amazon) to get rid of years-old stains on their clothes and couch. After kissing those stubborn marks goodbye, you may find your clothes are just as clean as when you first bought them.

This Hack Will Clear Up So Much Space In Your Closet

If you love buying clothes but don't have the space for them in your closet, you can make some room using these storage tips. When it comes to hanging pants and shorts in your wardrobe, opt to store them on an "S' hook ($9, Walmart) so they take up less room. If things are getting cramped in your dresser, try storing your shirts next to each other as if they're books on a shelf or files in a cabinet rather than on top of one another. This will save space while allowing you to see all your clothing at once.

This TikToker Wants You To Vacuum Your Mattress

Don't stop at putting your bed linens in the wash. To really make your bed feel brand new, try out this mattress trick. TikToker @mama_mila_ demonstrates how to spruce up your bed situation by vacuuming the mattress and sprinkling it with a mixture of baking soda and essential oils. After about 30 minutes, your bed will smell so fresh and clean.

This Hack Cleans Parts Of The Home That Are Often Forgotten

When was the last time you cleaned the fixtures of your faucet pipes? If you answered "never," then @madelyncombs1's cleaning hack is for you. Your eyes will bulge when you see this TikToker screw off their faucet aerator to reveal the build-up of gunk inside. Before you run off to check on your own pipes, remember to check if your aerator twists off, needs pliers, or requires an aerator key ($11, Amazon) to keep your equipment in their best condition.

This TikTok Reminds You To Check Your Beauty Products

If you're anything like @karalynndunton, then there's likely a whole beauty supply store of used soap, cleansers, or old hair products amassing under your sink. You love them all, but you know you have to let some of them go. To help you figure out what to toss, this TikToker provides some helpful tips. Hairspray, for instance, technically has an expiration date, but continues to work long after it, so it could be worth keeping. Old makeup palettes, on the other hand? You might want to wave goodbye to those.

This TikTok Hack Can Make Your Pans Sparkle And Shine

There's nothing more stubborn than a build-up of grease on your pan. Luckily, TikToker @tishasveggieeats is here to help. You can vanquish those tough pan stains by spraying your pan with power wash ($5, Target) followed by soft cleanser ($3, Walmart). Make sure to let your solution sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it off. Thanks to this spring cleaning hack, your pans will be so shiny, they could almost double as a mirror.

This Hack Removes Blemishes From Walls

Getting stains off of painted walls or textured surfaces without damaging the coating can be tricky. If you have a blemish you're looking to remove, follow this spring cleaning hack on TikTok. TikToker @allisonscleanin uses fabric softener diluted with water and a microfiber cloth to erase marks from their wall. This method is perfect for acrylic, matte, or glossy walls because it won't leave behind any streaks or lines. With this trick, your home will be polished from floor to ceiling.

This Organizer Makes All The Difference

If you’ve seen any Kardashian home, you know that a good organizer can take your cabinets and pantries from meh to Insta-worthy in no time. Things like jars and bins work great for kitchen storage, but these drawer organizers are perfect for the bedroom. As TikToker @maxieelise demonstrates, placing things like socks and undergarments in their own little section of an organizer makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. It can also make more room, so you can buy more clothes. A win-win!

This Genius Cleaning Hack For Your Blinds Is Budget-Friendly

If you have any blinds or vents in your home that are difficult to clean, TikToker @makeitwithmicah has a genius hack for making your own mini duster with items from the dollar store. Just wrap a towel around some tongs and secure with rubber bands. Then, use the towel tongs to wipe them down in half the time.

This Homemade Cleaning Solution Is Great For The Environment

Instead of going out and buying cleaning supplies, just make your own. This cleaning solution recipe from TikToker @mindfulgoods requires you to take old lemon peels and place them in a mason jar with white vinegar. When you’re ready to spring clean, all you need to do is combine your now lemon concentrate with some water and you’re good to go. It’s not only eco-friendly, but will save you some money as well.

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