Spring Break
Two friends on spring break use a staycation caption.

Spring Break Staycation Captions For Your Unplugging Instagram Pics

Because unplugging is always a good idea.

by Tessa Harvey
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We all swoon over the thought of jetting off to someplace new. Travel seems to be embedded in our souls, and there's always a bit of desire in each of us to explore the world and what it has to offer outside of the four walls where we grew up. But sometimes, life has a tendency of getting in the way. It just might not be in the budget, you might have some family commitments, or it might be a work obligation. Regardless of the reason, choosing a staycation over a vacation doesn't need to be boring. In fact, a spring break staycation might just be what you need this year. You can do a whole lot of cool things that deserve posts to the ‘Gram this spring break, and these spring break staycation captions for Instagram will make it a perfect post.

The options for a spring staycation are seriously endless. Whether it's spending a day or two catching up on your shows and getting some quality time in your bed, sunbathing in the backyard with your pup by your side, booking a boutique hotel for a night or two, or exploring what’s right in your backyard in a way you've never had the time to, you'll have enough time to unwind and restore your mind. Along the way, you'll probably snap a pic or two.

No one said you had to be standing on a white sandy beach to be able to post an Instagram-worthy moment on spring break, but that seems to be the unwritten rule. Throw that societal norm to the wind and live it up where you are. These 45 spring staycation quotes will pair perfectly with your Instagram snaps.

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  1. "The good thing about a staycation is that I'm not doing sh*t today."
  2. "Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company."
  3. "Pajamas. All day."
  4. "Relax, renew, refresh."
  5. "Today I will do absolutely nothing."
  6. "Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." — Mother Teresa
  7. "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."
  8. "My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from." — Rob Hill Sr.
  9. "Oh hey. I'm out of office."
  10. "Say yes to new (and old) adventures."
  11. "Offline for the weekend."
  12. "When in doubt, staycation."
  13. "Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life." — Buddha
  14. "I like to stay in bed. It's too peopley outside."
  15. "A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." — Robert Orben
  16. "Happiness is just sitting and thinking."
  17. "It's good to be home."
  18. "Home is where your story begins." — Annie Danielson
  19. "She was an adventurer at heart; but oh how she loved drinking this tea from this mug in this chair. Oh how she loved to be home."
  20. "Meraki: (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work."
  21. "The best journey always takes us home."
  22. "Sometimes, home has a heartbeat." — Beau Taplin
  23. "Keep life simple."
  24. "Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need."
  25. "Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation."
  26. "Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful." — Hazrat Inayat Khan
  27. "Thinking about visiting wine country. And by that I mean my backyard and a bottle opener."
  28. "Here's to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy." — Charlaine Harris
  29. "When in doubt, staycation."
  30. "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” ― Mason Cooley
  31. "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." — Rumi
  32. "Let's stay home."
  33. "Stay in. Unplug. Restore."
  34. "Here's a new day. Let's not ruin it with responsibility."
  35. “Home is wherever I’m with you.” — Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, “Home”
  36. “Exploring my city like never before.”
  37. “Staycation with my furry friend.”
  38. “Always take the scenic route.”
  39. “Nowhere to go, so I’m on vacation at home.”
  40. “Sunny days ahead.”
  41. “Staying in the place I love most.”
  42. “I’ve never met a staycation I didn’t like.”
  43. “Staycays are the new vacays.”
  44. “Taking time to reset and recharge.”
  45. “Happiness is the art of relaxation.” — Maxwell Maltz

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