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45 Sorority Bid Day Captions For Sister Selfies And House Reveal Videos

Living for this Mu-ment!

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Everything you’ve done for rush week has been leading up to Bid Day. That’s when you finally find out what house you’ll be joining as a new member. It’s also when you get to meet your fellow pledges and spend some quality time bonding with your sisters. Basically, Bid Day is an exciting journey from start to finish with so many memories to capture, so you’ll need to have some sorority captions for Bid Day on hand to help you document it all on Instagram.

Typically, Bid Day begins with the rushees finding out their houses all together. This is an exciting moment that’s perfect for a cute reveal video, so you’ll want to find some inspiration from #BamaRush TikTok for how you’d like to film yours. One way is to set up your camera to capture your initial reaction, like TikToker @erinmbookout. Another cute idea from TikToker @sidnee.beavers is to have your fellow friends who are rushing predict what house you’ll end up in before the final reveal at the end. Whatever way you go, you’ll need a good sorority Bid Day caption for when you want to post it on TikTok.

After you’ve been told which house you’re a new member of, you’ll join your sisters for a fun-filled day of binding activities like bowling and a scavenger hunt. For all the group selfies in your matching tees and candid snaps of you laughing, use some cute sorority sister quotes to post a Bid Day photo dump. Since you’ll want to remember this special day for years to come, feel free to take as many pictures and videos as you like. You’ll be prepared to share them all at the end of the night with these 45 sorority captions.

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  1. “Today is the day.”
  2. “I just gained a bunch of sisters.”
  3. “More exciting than my Hogwarts house reveal.”
  4. “I finally found my people.”
  5. “Girls just want to have sisters.”
  6. “Sister time is good for the soul.”
  7. “This week has flown by fast, but I know our sisterhood will always last.”
  8. “What a rush!”
  9. “Bid day is a big day!”
  10. “Feeling tee-rific with my sisters.”
  11. “On Bid Day, we wear our letters.”
  12. “How did I get so lucky to have sisters like you?”
  13. “You’re looking at the brand new member of [your chapter].”
  14. “Life is better with sisters.”
  15. “Sisterhood looks good on me.”
  16. “These are my people.”
  17. “Start each day like it’s your Bid Day.”
  18. “Just added a new chapter to my story.”
  19. “I was born to wear letters.”
  20. “Looks like I’ve officially gone Greek.”
  21. “My vibe definitely attracted my tribe, and I love them.”
  22. I was mermaid to be your sister.”
  23. “Matching tees, but make it fashion.”
  24. “There’s no place like home.” — The Wizard of Oz
  25. “I’ve got 99 problems, but a bid ain’t one.”
  26. “Home sweet [your sorority house].”
  27. “I guess I’ll try Delta.”
  28. “Can’t wait to start each day with a Kappa-ccino.”
  29. They say choose wisely. That's why I was chosen.”
  30. “But I am the chosen one.” — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  31. “Officially young, wild, and [your sorority house].”
  32. “I can’t start the semester without my group of sisters.”
  33. “Sipping on sorori-tea.”
  34. “Look at my Nu sisters.”
  35. “You can’t sit with us.” – Mean Girls
  36. “This is way better than getting a Hogwarts letter.”
  37. “It’s all Greek to me.”
  38. “Phi love my new sisters.”
  39. “This right here is house goals.”
  40. “I’m an Omega fan of my sisters.”
  41. “With Mu people.”
  42. “Love this Mu-ment.”
  43. “My sisters are Zeta than all the rest.”
  44. “It’s time to Kappa diem.”
  45. “I’ve got some Beta-ful sisters.”