Johnny Rose giving a thumbs up on 'Schitt's Creek' for Father's Day cards inspired by the hit series...
13 Schitt's Creek-Inspired Father's Day Cards On Etsy That Are Full Of Pizazz

As Johnny Rose says, "People love pizazz."

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Only a dad like Johnny Rose could keep up with all the shenanigans the Rose family got into on Schitt’s Creek. He truly was the best at always being there for Moira, supporting David, and letting Alexis shine. There’s only one dad who could ever top Johnny for being the best — your own. With Father’s Day right on its way, you need to start thinking about what you plan on getting your dad or the father figure in your life. An easy go-to is a personalized card, and any of these Schitt’s Creek-inspired Father’s Day cards on Etsy will put an instant smile on his face.

Since you both love watching Schitt’s Creek and probably quote it back and forth to each other all the time, your dad will instantly get every reference on these Schitt’s Creek Father’s Day cards. They perfectly capture the Johnny Rose spirit and will leave you wanting to tweet about it on Facebook. A card is also a great way to express how much you care on a day that’s all about praising your pop. You just need to find the right card to match your dad’s vibe. If you truly think your dad is the Schitt and no one else can compare, get him an LOL-worthy card that says exactly that. Perhaps you’re looking for something sweet to go along with a bottle of fruit wine you got him. If that’s the case, get a card that reminds him he’s “simply the best.”

You can’t go wrong picking out any of these 13 Schitt’s Creek Father’s Day cards on Etsy. Don’t forget to add a sweet and personal message inside to give it a bit of pizazz. After all, as Johnny Rose said, “People love pizazz.”

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This Card From The Bébé

Honestly, you haven’t been able to say “baby” the same way since you started marathoning Schitt’s Creek. Moira Rose’s accent is iconic, so get your dad a card that captures it. This is also the perfect way to say, “Happy Father’s Day,” if you still think of yourself as your dad’s little "bébé," because it says just that.

This Card That’s Super Hip

You’ve got to give Johnny Rose credit — he really tried to be as hip as possible when running the Rosebud Motel. It’s the same way your dad tries to stay on top of all the TikTok trends you tell him about. Even when he says things like, “Tweet us on Facebook,” you still love him. So, get this card for a real “hip dude.”

This Card That’s Just A Little Bit Alexis

Maybe you consider yourself to be a little bit like Alexis. If that’s the case, get your dad this Alexis Rose-inspired card. When purchasing this card from Etsy, you have the option to have your very own custom message printed inside or order it blank for you to handwrite your sweet note to your dad. Either way, he’ll love it because it’ll be coming from his “favorite little Schitt.

This Card For A Father’s Day Journey

Another Alexis option is this card that features her with one of her more iconic lines from the series. If you’ve got a fun-filled day planned for Father's Day, you’ll love starting your journey off with this sweet card. You could even list off all the fun activities you have planned within the card, so he knows what’s in store on your epic day together.

This Card For The Johnny To Your David

Like Johnny and David, you and your dad love to joke around with each other. You’ve probably even made a comment about his style before, which makes this “night shirt” card even better. Give your best to the Bob Cratchit in your fam with a sweet card you can instantly download from Etsy right away.

This Card That’s “So Cute”

Show off how excited you are that you have a dad like yours with this “Yay, Dad” card featuring Alexis. Out of all the iconic quotes from the series, Alexis’ “Yay, David” and “Ew, David” are the most quotable. This “so cute” card puts a fun Father’s Day spin on those lines. Now, you can show off how excited you are that you have a dad like yours with a very poetic, “OMG Yay Dad!”

This Card For “Simply The Best” Dad

There is no better way to say it: Your dad is “simply the best.” This card featuring David is straight, to the point, and accurate AF. You can also get it personalized from Etsy, so he really knows it was made just for him.

This Card With The Whole Fam

It’s hard picking a favorite character from Schitt’s Creek when everyone is the best. Don’t stress over whether to get a card featuring Johnny, Moira, David, or Alexis when there is this card from Etsy that has all four of them on the front. It even has a punny, “Oh Schitt,” to make your dad laugh.

This Card That’s As Stylish As Your Dad

Another punny option is this “Dad, you’re the Schitt” card that features Johnny Rose on the front. The fun argyle pattern used in the background is also colorful and vibrant AF if your dad is all about style. Get this one if you’ve got a tradition of getting your dad some new shirts or a brand new tie for Father’s Day, because the card will match his style.

This Card For The #BestDadEver

While “hashtag” may not be two words, this card is super accurate, because your dad is the “best dad ever.” Write out as many words as you need to express how much you love him in this adorable Johnny Rose card. You could even throw in a few Father’s Day hashtags like #DadsDay and #TheRealMVP.

This Card From A “Little Schitt”

Just like David, you’ve had your moments of being a “little Schitt” growing up. Of course, you didn’t run away to Amish country or try to write off every expensive thing you’ve bought, but you still had your stressful times. Say thanks to your dad for putting up with all those moments with this funny David Rose card.

This Card For A Dad Who’ll Always Be Your “First Dad”

No matter what anyone says, your dad will always be your “first dad.” It was true when David said it to Johnny, and it’s especially true for you. Let your pop know he’ll always be No. 1 with this colorful Johnny Rose card.

This Card That Captures The Sweetest Moments

One of the sweetest moments from the entire Schitt’s Creek series is when Johnny Rose demands that the entire Rose family dance together. It’s adorable and reminds you of your fam, because you’d happily dance together whenever. This Father’s Day card from Etsy captures that special moment for your dad to keep forever. The best part is that it’s an instant download, so you don’t have to wait for shipping.